NOMB Surfteam: surfcoach Romi

NOMB Surfteam: surfcoach Romi

Our surfteam in Fuerteventura is growing: meet surfcoach Romi.

Originally from Slovakia, Romi got stuck on our homebase island Fuerteventura many years ago. Like most us us, Fuerte’s neverending waves and sunshine make it impossible for her to leave.

Having surfed for many years and learned the hard way how to prove herself in the line-up, Romi decided to take her passion of surfing to the next level, and train to become a surfcoach.

We were lucky enough for Romi to decide to do her mandatory practical training with us last year. Her positive attitude in the water, her neverending smile (and paddlepower) and her ability to learn and implement, quickly turned her into an irreplaceable part of the team. Leaving us no other possibility than to offer her a space in our surfteam upon completing her practical training. And yeah, she said yessss!!

Here are a few words for you by Romi herself:

My name is Romana Babicova and I was one of the lucky ones to find my biggest passion, surfing. It took only couple of sessions, and my world started to spin completely around surfing. After many many many wipe outs and lessons by the ocean, I learnt a lot about values as patience, modesty, respect, sharing and more. Surfing brings me happiness and happiness is only real when it’s shared. Another important reason why I became a surf coach is, that there won’t be less surfers in the water, only more. I want to help to create safe environment on the line up for all of us.

Romi will be supporting our surfschool in Fuerteventura. She speaks fluent English and Spanish, and her German is really good, too. Romi & Angie are a great team, synced in their approaches of high quality surfcoachings. While headcoach Angie heads off sometimes to coach our surftrips, Romi will hold the ford in Fuerte. That means: all year round we offer our trademark high quality individual surfcoachings.

Sounds great, right?? We are super excited to see NOMB Surf grow and being able to support a young surfergirl in her professional career. Welcome to the team, Romi 💙

Meet the team: CEO & head surfcoach Angie

Meet the team: CEO & head surfcoach Angie

Aloha NOMB Surfers!


My name is Angie Ringleb, I am the founder and head surfcoach at NOMB Surf. Luckily NOMB Surf is not only me. We are a team of young, experienced and fun surfers, spread out worldwide, all connected by our love for the ocean. But let me tell you a little bit about myself..



I was born in New Jersey, United States but grew up in Europe, in Germany to be precise. Since I can remember I have had itchy feet and the desire to see the world. My love for travelling has taken me a few times around the world until the day I arrived at a little beach in Chile, and decided to make it my home for a while. Here is where my love for surfing started and grew into a desire that I couldn´t ignore anymore.  Outdoor sports have come natural to me but when someone put me on a surfboard, that moment changed my life. Ever since then I have been living close to the ocean, enjoying it´s waves and energy on a daily basis.


Together with Rainbow, my loyal travel companion, I now live on Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands. Here is where I coach individual surfcoachings all throughout the year. That´s if I am not away on one of our surfcoaching trips of course 😉 Having Fuerteventura as a homebase is great. Waves and sunshine every day, and a healthy lifestyle. Even though I love hitting the road, there is hardly a better feeling than coming home. And that´s what Fuerte is to Rains and me.


NOMB Surf was born out of my desire to surfcoach individually and in more detail. Working in a mainstream surfschool I found myself struggeling with the time issues and the ´drive through´ of students I had. When I got certified with the ISA Level II surfcoach award I realized that my way to coach was different from 1-2-3 get up on the board. There is sooo much more to surfing than the pure chains of movement. NOMB Surf gives me the opportunity to coach exactly the way I want: personalized, with no set time frame, customized for my students.


When being home on Fuerte, I just looove it. There are always surfable waves and the daily sunshine is great for my soul. As I spend most of the year on that little rock in the Atlantic I normally can be found here, or better down at the beach. I love surfcoaching individually here, giving me the opportunity to really work with my students. The results are mindblowing!! NOMB Surf offeres only private surfcoachings on Fuerteventura.


My desire to travel, my love for teaching and the search for the perfect wave has made me set up NOMB Surf´s surfcoaching trips. Exploring the world and it´s oceans it´s something I would never want to miss.

On the NOMB Surfcoaching trips we are in a small group of max 6 students. As we always work with a local surfschool there is at least one more instructor in the water with us. Spending the whole day in a group gives me the chance to also coach outside the water, using video analysis, customized surftheorie, drills and exercises. Sounds great, right?

Come and join me on my travels to forgetton corners of this world, surf amazing waves, experience incredible cultures and improve your surfing!


I hope you too want to get NOMBed, and I´ll sea you in the water soon!! Buenas olas!



Ps: get in touch with me if you want to improve your surfing. On Fuerte or on one of our incredible surfcoaching trips!


Meet the team: (Good Old) Lee

Meet the team: (Good Old) Lee

For the third November in a row the NOMB Surfcrew will head of to Northwest Ireland to shred the cold Atlantic waves.


´It´s soooo beautiful up there, we just have to return over and over again!´ says NOMB Surf´s headcoach Angie.

´We were so lucky to discover a little paradise called the D-Place. Home of our local guide Lee and some other great characters. How good is it to walk into the local pub and see some familiar faces. They always remember us, not many people head up to the D-place in November to surf´ says Angie with a smile.

Being the third time up there it´s now time for our local surfguide Lee (aka Good Old Lee or the Lee-gend) to introduce himself. Our time up there wouldn´t be half as much fun without him!! Lee knows all the spots, he´s a ripper in the water, always up for a joke and a laugh, and a really nice guy!


Clap you hands for Lee:


Hello Shredders!

Sharing my surf experience is great fun. I’m happy in 1ft or 10ft surf and like to share that stoke with people.

It’s best to improve your approach to waves rather than let conditions of surf dictate whether you’re having a good time!

  I’m not surfing or around the shop Narosa Life Surfschool I’m having fun with my wife and 2 kids.


See you in November,



Meet the team: Emilio

Meet the team: Emilio



My name is Emilio de Armas. I am a FCS licensed surf instructor and I am from the Canary Islands. To be more precise, I am from Tenerife. I have been surfing for more than 30 years and have been a fulltime surfcoach for the past 6 years.

I started surfing thanks to my brother and my father. The adventures, the search for new waves, the shared moments with friends and an endless amount of other things made me want to surf.

Today surfing is an essential part of my life and even more with being the founder & coach of IT´S ON PRIVATE SURF COACHING, a new philosophy y methodology of how to learn to surf and improve in this amazing sport.

I love what I am doing and passing on all my knowledge about surfing to whoever wants to learn and improve, I am stoked to help my clients reach their goals.

In January I will be your local surfguide on my beautiful island, looking forward to sharing waves with you.




Meet the team: Linda

Meet the team: Linda

Hoi NOMB Surfers!


People call me Lovely Lindis and I am- extremely motivated – to be part oft he NOMB ´Groove on Galicia´project! YEEEYYY!

When head surfcoach Angie is calling for a cook, then I jump into the scene „rrrooooaaaarrrr“.

Of course I am a passionate surfer and I can perfectly imagine what a hungry dude is wishing for after a day packed with waves. Grilled fresh fish, juicy beef burgers, Swiss mountain pasta, Risotto, smoothies, self-made cereal bars and other healthy stuff is all part of my performance.

Before I was responsible for food & beverage in a large surf camp and beside my cooking skills I am always open for a chat. My secret in the kitchen: make everything with love.

See you soon!

Your Lovely Lindis

Rock on 2018!! And loads of news!

Rock on 2018!! And loads of news!

Your NOMB Surfteam shouts out a big: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


We wish you a cracking 2018, filled with love, peace and amazing waves!

We here at NOMB Surf can hardly wait for 2018 to kick off. It´s gonna be a mindblowing year, with loads of unforgettable surftrips and also a few surprises to come. And hey, here will be a NOMB Surftrip for everyone. Surfholiday, surfadventure, family surftrip, and some cool surf projects, you name it. Don´t worry, we will keep you informed!!

We will start the 2018 NOMB Season with our surfholiday trip ´Lanzarote Legacy´ to the beautiful canary island of Lanzarote. The NOMB Surfercrew is nearly complete, only a couple more spaces left. If you wanna join us, get in touch asap and book your flight, we´ll meet on the 27th January in Arrecife. That´s what Lanzarote looks like:

Oh, and did we mention that also our NOMB Surfteam for Lanzarote Legacy is now complete?? We are very happy to announce that chef BASTI is joining us again on this fantastic trip! He will dish out some energy filled dinners and spoil us with healthy and tasty breakfast, with ocean view!

Local surfguide & surfcoach MELLY will also join the NOMB Surfteam on Lanzarote. She will make sure that our surfers enjoy the best conditions, surf different spots and also find their confidence in the water.

Having two surfcoaches joining the trip, we are certain that all of the NOMB Surfers will improve heavily and surf unforgettable waves.

With sooo many good news, 2018 can only be a cracker. We hope that you, too, will make all your dreams become reality.

Why not complete one of your dreams right now and join us on one of our cool surfcoaching trips?? We will be very happy to have you!!


Happy 2018 and sea you in the water soon!

Your NOMB Surfteam