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Confidence Boost Surf Workshop for Women
29.01. – 08.02.2022

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Professional surfcoaching

Together with a NOMB Surf coach and at least one local surf coach, we provide quality teaching on a personal level in a group of max. 6 people.

After defining your individual goals at the beginning of a trip, we will set your personal training schedule for the whole trip period. Each day contains practice in the water, theory and / or photo and video analysis, as well as constructive feedback to prepare you for your coaching the next day.

Discover new surfspots

Each day, we bring you to the surfspot with the best conditions for your surf level and  the goals of the day.

We guarantee a safety introduction to the new spot: Where & how to enter and exit, information about the ocean floor, the currents, the shape & intensity of the wave. Everything you need to know to feel comfortable during the coaching and free surf sessions.

Healthy food & fitness

Our NOMB chef spoils you with healthy, nutritous and very tasty food for breakfast and dinner to keep your energy up throughout the whole trip.

In addition, we try to include a daily yoga session to lenghten and strengthen your surf muscles – something which is especially important on our intense surf trips with two sessions a day. This, of course, depends on your mood and motivation.

Accomondation & Equipment

On each trip we base ourself in a comfortable surf house close to a surfspot where you can relax in your free time. The houses generally contain twin/double rooms but often single rooms are available on request.

You can bring your own surfboard. However, we always provide a quiver with various boards for different conditions. Please be open to switch your own board for a recommended one to get the best out of your surfing. 

Worldwide surfcoaching trips

Explore new destinations while getting coached

Our surftrips go all around the world. While we focus mostly on europe, there’s a NOMB Adventure Trip to another continent or an extraordinary location planned each year. We are not warm-washed surfers either: Some of our trips will take part at cold-water destinations. 

On our trips, we welcome you with well-organised training sessions, a specific personal plan on what you want to achieve during your surftrip, a collaboration with local surfschools & -guides to guarantee the best spots and always a comfortable & cosy accommodation with healthy meals.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced surfer, we will focus on stepping up your game.

How does a NOMB surftrip work?

Before the trip

Our bookings are always handled on a personal level. After a personal introduction with your trip organizer, you’ll receive information to prepare for you trip. From physical exercises to step up your pop-up and paddling game beforehand, over packing lists and additional information on the trip – we got you covered.

Your arrival at the destination

You organise the flight yourself, but we’re there for you from the very beginning of the trip! We will set up a meeting date and point – normally at or close to the nearest airport – where you and the other trip members will be picked up by our team. That’s when the surftrip starts! We will bring you to the accommodation where everything is prepared for you and the others. From then on, it’s surftrip time!

During the trip

x days of trip = x days of surfing! From day 1 on, we’ll spend time in the waves of local spots. At the first session, your surf coach will evaluate your surfing to define your goals that we will work on during the trip. From this moment, it’s all about improving your surfing, having fun and exploring new surfspots with the help of local guides.

Surf Trip Info

Our Trips are tailored for you.

Each NOMB Surfcoaching Trip is tailor made. To make it easier to find the one meeting your interest, we distinguish different trip types and surf level.

Types of Trip

Each NOMB Surfcoaching trip is unique! You want to maximize your skills with two sessions a day? Or would you prefer a mixture of surfing and exploring a new country? We offer adventure trips, intense coaching trips, surf fitness weeks and the classic surfcamp.

Surf Level

Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced? There’s more than the three worn-out classifications. Because most surfers are strong in some areas and weaker in others, we distinguish 5 different surfskill level to meet the requirements for our trips.

Upcoming Trips

Join us at our next surf destinations

NOMB Surfnews from Fuertevneutra

Confidence Boost Surf Retreat for Women

29.01. – 07.02.2022


#FuerteFuerza is an all-female surf coaching retreat in Fuerteventura to empower women in the Line-Up. In these 10 days, we invite you to join a sisterhood of surfers for more fun and confidence in the water.

With a mix of individual surf coachings in a small group and surf-related workshops like fear management, breath-hold, wave reading, and fitness & health improvement, you’ll not only become better but also much more confident in surfing.

NOMB Surfnews from Fuertevneutra

Surf Coaching & Surfari Weeks in Galicia

30.04. – 29.05.2022

Galicia, Spain

Our 5 year anniversary of surf tripping in Galicia marks a special occasion! Join us for our two week surf coaching trip from the 30.04. – 14.05. or our All You Can Surf Surfari Weeks from 15. – 29.05. in Galicia.
Or, if you’re up for it, stay the whole month with us in good company!

Just letting you know: Galicia in May means uncrowded Line-Ups, waves in all sizes and all swell-directions.

Surftrip Impressions

We’ve been traveling all around the world with great people. 

Trip notes

Relive our past trips. 

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