Confidence Boost Surf Retreat for Women
25.09. – 05.10.2021

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Hi, I'm Angie

Happy to meet you!

My name is Angie Ringleb, I am the founder and head surfcoach at NOMB Surf.  Together with Rainbow, my loyal travel companion, I live on Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands. Here is where I coach individual surfcoachings all throughout the year. That’s if I am not away on one of our surfcoaching trips of course.

NOMB Surf started as a one-woman-show (two if you count Rainbow), but through our trips, our family grew to an international team with different members accompanying us on our different surftrips. We’re happy to say that we collaborate with some of them every year, celebrating a family reunion every time we meet.

What’s NOMB?

Nature. Ocean. Mind. Body, that’s NOMB Surf.


To be in ease with nature, the ocean, your mind and your body is the key to becoming your best self – in the water and outside.

During our private surfcoachings on Fuerteventura as well as during our surfcoaching trips to fantastic destinations, we are always trying to pass on the idea behind NOMB Surf. The balance between those elements is what we aim for in our coachings.






Surfcoaching Style

Our Approach

Through years of coaching experience, especially in the private coaching area, we have developed a personalized, efficient and fun way to learn & improve very quickly. How does it work?

While direct feedback in the water during your surf session is essential, it’s only one piece of the surfcoaching puzzle. There are important factors that are often overlooked when it comes to teaching how to surf. Why? It takes a lot of time and sensitivity, from both sides, surfer and coach. However, all these points are really important, that’s why we are incorporating them into our coaching routines.  

That’s how we coach

We make a personalised plan before the coaching

We take our time to sit down with you to identify problem areas and goals to create your personalised surfcoaching plan beforehand to maximize the effeciency in the water.

Feedback in the water

We join you in the ocean while you surf to directly improve your posture, weight shifting and balance on the board, as well as helping you with wave choice and understanding the surfspot.

Photo & video analysis

It helps to see for yourself what your body is doing when you surf. Part of the coaching can be analysing photo and video footage of you surfing, to point out where exactly your technique & posture can be improved, and how to correct it. 

If you have old surfing footage from prior sessions, you can send them in beforehand. This gives us the chance to be even more on point with your personalized surfcoaching plan.

We help you understand the ocean for a better wave count and safer surfing

  • Surfing is about being in the ocean, about being able to read and understand it.
  • Surfing is about awareness of your environment and the changes that are happening.
  • Surfing is working with your own emotions: expectations, joy, fear and frustration.