Professional Surfcoaching & Trips

NOMB Surf is all about surfcoaching: professional, qualified and experienced!


What we do? We coach individual surfcoachings on our homebase Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) & organize cool surfcoaching trips all around the globe.


Who we are? We are a certified surfschool based In Lajares, Fuerteventura, Spain. Our global team consists of young professionals, united by our love for surfing and the ocean. Lead by head surfcoach Angie Ringleb we boost your surfing, and make you have a great time.


What does NOMB Surf represent? It represents our respect & love for the ocean, nature, culture and people. We try to operate as sustainable as possible, integrating environmental and cultural concioussness into all our coachings and trips. NOMB Surf stands for Nature-Ocean-Mind-Body and we try to keep those 4 pillars in balance.


NOMB Surfcoaching Trips are a completely new surftrip experience! They are not only about getting to know new surfbreaks (and having a hell of a time) but also about improving your surf skills: your personal qualified & experienced surfcoach will travel with you!

You need to be a little bit adventurous to join us on our surfcoaching trips because you won´t really know what´s gonna happen until you are on the trip. Each of our trips starts and ends at a fixed meeting point but the trip itself depends on the type of trip we are running, the local conditions and the group itself. Check out the NOMB Surf Tripinfo and find your perfect surfcoaching trip! The main languages spoken on the trips are English, German and Spanish!

With NOMB Surf, every trip is a trip!!


That’s how we coach!

Have your own surfcoach helping you find your line in the waves

Boost your surfing through individual surfcoaching!

Next surftrip:  #AsturianAdventure (August 2020)

14 days of intensive surfcamp!