Unleash Your Surfing Spirit in Chile

Escape the ordinary and join us on a 12-day surf adventure exploring Chile’s coast, culture, and cuisine. A small group, expert coaching, and unforgettable experiences are waiting for you.

Adventure Awaits

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Trip Overview

09/03 – 21/03/2025

max. 4 travelers

Santiago (Chile)

daily breakfast & dinner

12 nights accomodation (shared)

daily surf coaching & equipment

all transfer during the trip (except flights)

fun activities & exploration

goodie bag, your surf photos & work book

Who should join?

Perfect for Adventurous Surfers

Our Chile surf trip is tailored for surfers who are eager to explore new waves and immerse themselves in a different culture. If you’re an intermediate to advanced surfer looking for an adventure that goes beyond the beach, this trip is for you. Expect to challenge yourself, embrace new experiences, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Be prepared for a dynamic itinerary that includes daily surf coaching, cultural excursions, and plenty of exciting activities to soak in the real Chile. This trip is not just about surfing; it’s about expanding your horizons and creating unforgettable memories.

Explore Chile's Surfing Paradise

Our surf trip takes you to some of the most beautiful and iconic surf spots in Chile. Leaving the vibrant city of Santiago behind us, we will spend all our days along the coast. Enjoy daily surf sessions, fun outdoor activities, and dig into the local culture. Our experienced coaches will help you improve your surfing skills, our local friends will make sure you get to enjoy the real Chile and the most stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

About Chile

Chile is one of the longest countries on the planet, with over 4.300km of coastline. It is located on the Humboldt current, the cold water current of the south-east pacific ocean. You can imagine how many waves break along this coastline, featuring mountain areas in the South, the central zone and the Atacama desert in the North.

Chile’s culture and people are incredible. You can find some cumbia played pretty much everywhere, get invited for a pisco sour (local drink) by a stranger and enjoy an empanada (chilean pastry) with an endless view of the ocean.

Chile's wavevs

Chile really has it all when it comes to waves. There are plenty of waves to be found all along Chile’s long coast.

The South of the country features endless left pointbreaks while the Central region offers loads of different beachbreaks. Heading towards the Atacama desert you will find deserted waves with warmer water and stunning desert views.

Depending on the the swell forecast we will either stay central, head North towards the desert or South to the lefthanders in colder water.

Chile's climate

Chile in March is beautiful. Mild southern hemispheric weather awaits you in March. Outside temperatures can be anything between 15 -25 ºC. During the nights however the temperature drops to sometimes aound 10ºC, bring warm socks for sure.

At this time of the year you have to be prepared for everything: warm days on the beach, chilly nights and foggy mornings.

Water temperatures depend on where you go. In the central region expect the water to be around 15ºC at this time of the year. With a solid 4.3mm wetsuit and 3mm booties you should be prepared for every wave on this trip.

We care about sustainability on our trips.

We strive to make our surf trips sustainable by working with local partners, promoting socio-cultural exchange, and minimizing our environmental impact.

We collaborate with local surf schools to support the local economy, engage in community events to foster cultural understanding, and ensure we leave every location better than we found it. We offset our carbon footprint through Sustainable Travel International and plant a tree for each participant at our headquarters in Fuerteventura, creating a direct, positive impact on the environment.

Daily Surf Coaching Overview

The Coachings

On this adventure surf trip, you’ll receive daily surf coaching tailored to your needs. You’ll surf with Angie Ringleb, an ISA Level II instructor and certified lifeguard, along with a local surf guide. This setup ensures you get the best spots and personalized coaching. Each participant will have an individual coaching plan that includes level assessment, goal setting, drills, and in-water guidance.


Two surf coaches for four students, ensuring focused attention

Daily surf sessions with personalized coaching

Individual coaching plans tailored to your skill level

Surf different beach and point breaks

Minimum Surf Level

This surf trip is designed for confident intermediate surfers and above, with a minimum surf level of 4-5. You should feel comfortable in the line-up, know how to turtle roll or duck dive, and be able to surf both left and right. Bringing your own surfboard is recommended (but not a must) to ensure you don’t lose time adjusting to a new board, helping you maximize your sessions.


Suitable for confident intermediate surfers and above

Proficient in turtle roll/duck diving

Able to surf both left and right waves

There's more to our trip than surfing

How about a SUP tour along the breathtaking Chilean coast? A yoga class in mother nature? Hiking in the beautiful central mountain range? Offroad mountain biking? Dancing at a local fiesta? Sunset BBQ on the beach? All this and a lot more can happen on #Chilezazo, be ready for an adventure.

Trip Accomodation & Food

Cozy Beachside Stays and Delicious Local Cuisine

We’ll meet in Santiago de Chile, from where our journey will follow the ocean’s rhythm. You’ll stay in typical Chilean accommodations, mostly private cabañas near the beach, sharing rooms with fellow NOMB Surfers. Our locations will vary, but every place will meet our high standards. We consider gender when arranging room shares.

Breakfast and dinner are included, ensuring you have the energy for each day’s activities. Our local private chef, Cati, will prepare delicious Chilean meals, with vegetarian and vegan options available. We’ll also enjoy BBQs, eat out, and try the local street food.


Meet the Team

Read more about Angie
‘Many years ago I decided to live my life outside the box. My travels brought me to a lot of different corners of this planet, like Chile for example. I now live in Fuerteventura, where I run this small female-led surf school and the beautiful NGO NOMB Changes, spreading my love for the sport of surfing and the ocean on a daily basis.

I am an ISA level II qualified surfcoach, trained lifeguard and have over 10 years of coaching experience. I can coach in English, German and Spanish.

Surftripping and exploring different places is still a big part of me. Which is why I organise surf trips and share new experiences with a group of other curious surfers. Having previously lived in Chile, I feel very confident about guiding this trip and am very much looking forward to having you join me at my second home 🇨🇱 !

Our surf trip is led by Angie Ringleb, an ISA level II qualified surf coach with over a decade of experience. Angie is passionate about sharing her love for surfing and the ocean. She will guide you through the waves and ensure you have a memorable experience.

Joining Angie is Cati Bossans, our local private chef and assistant. Cati is an actress and screenwriter with a deep love for cooking. She will delight you with local flavors and ensure you are well-fed and happy throughout the trip.

Read more about Cati
‘My name is Cati, I don’t surf but I looove going on roadtrips. Angie and me go way back with roadtripping along our coast. Our trip to the gypsycamp in 2008 is one of my best memories ever.

I am very passionate about cooking and making other people happy with my food. I am delighted that I will be able to pamper you with our typical foods and flavours.

In the real world I am an actress and screenwriter, I love photography and drawing. Creating beauty around me makes me happy. May it be in pictures or on a plate.

Surftripping with #Chilezazo is something I really look forward to. Can’t wait to get to know you and show you my beautiful country!


Price per person

All services included

Flights excluded

€ 2,625

Any questions left?

Whether you need more information about Chile, our surf coaching format or anything else regarding this trip: Send us a message and we will get back to you asap!

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What are the travel regulations for Chile?

European citizens do not need a visa for entry and stays of up to 90 days.

Upon entry, a free “Tarjeta Única Migratoria” (Single Migration Card) is issued as proof of entry, allowing a stay of up to 90 days and specifying the mandatory departure date. This card must be returned upon departure.

Recomended vaccinations:

  • Hepatitis A/B
  • Rabies

Chile’s culture and people are incredible. You can find some cumbia played pretty much everywhere, get invited for a pisco sour (local drink) by a stranger and enjoy an empanada (chilean pastry) with an endless view of the ocean.

How much do we surf on this trip?

We normally plan with one surf coaching session per day, so if you are looking for surfing all day long, this trip might not be the right one for you. However, if waves are epic, be sure that we will squeeze in the odd extra surf. 


What does a surf adventure entail?

On our adventure surf trips we love to surf but also explore.This kind of trip is the most flexible and at times unpredictable, so you should be prepared to touch your limits and look forward to breaking out of your routines and regular lifestyle. We will be changing locations, spend a lot of time in a group environment and try new things. 

Should I bring my own surfboard?

We do offer you a rental surfboard on the trip. If you have your own surfboard, please consider taking it on this trip (stuff your boardbag with your clothes). This way you won’t loose a session (or two) adjusting to a new board. Knowing your surfboard can be a real confidence booster.