Adventure Surf Trip to Taiwan

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Surf and explore Taiwan

Uncrowded Longboard waves await in Taiwan

If you think about Asian surf destinations, Taiwan is probably not the first one coming to your mind. Still, just like its more popular sibling the Philippines, it is hit by monsoons and typhoons, creating fast longboard waves on its various beach- and reef breaks.
Not overrun (yet) by surfers, Taiwan is an uncrowded surf paradise in East Asia.

This adventure surf trip will take you to the East and the South of the island, home to many of Taiwan’s quality surf breaks. Instead of surfing alone, you will share waves with friendly locals, a group of 4 likeminded surfers and a ISA Level II surf coach to improve your level of surfing.

Daily Surf Coachings at different spots

Consistent waist to head-high waves breaking on different ocean floors create ideal conditions to work on your surf skills during this trip. We will design a coaching plan specifically for you and work on reaching your goals, correcting your technique in daily surf coachings during this two weeks trip.

Explore amazing asian culture & food

Our adventure surf trips are not solely focusing on surfing – we also want to dive into a foreign culture and landscape: hiking, cycling, diving, dipping into hot springs, discovering taiwanese villages and temples may all be part of the journey. So are flavourful, salty-sweet dishes like dumplings, rice noodles and scallion pancakes. Getting hungry yet?


Date: due to the unstable political situation this trip will be postoned until further notice

Meeting Point: Taipei

Spaces: 4

Price: TBA


Surflevel: Intermediate and up

Minimum requirements:

  • confident in the line-up
  • confident in turtle roll / duckdiving
  • confident in surfing left+right

Entry requirements for Taiwan:

Taiwan`s boarders are still closed due to COVID-19 but are supposed to reopen for tourims soon. We will update entry requirements once travelling to Taiwan is possible without quarantine. 

What’s included?


14 nights in a twin room


breakfast & dinner (local foods)


daily surf coaching (except travelling days)


local surfcoach


surf equipment


all transfer from/to meeting point, and during the trip itself


exciting day trips to different locations to explore Taiwan


NOMB goodie bag


your surfpics / videos

Trip Details

Here’s what to expect

The Surfcoachings

This adventure surf trip includes daily surf coachings. If needed, we will take a break from surfing on days when you need to recover your body and mind, as well as use some time to travel and explore.

You’ll go surfing with Angie Ringleb, an ISA Level II instructor and certified lifeguard to guarantee you a safe and professional coaching experience. A local surfguide will join us and make sure we are at the right time at the right waves. 

For each participant, we will create an individual plan at the beginning of the trip to work on by yourself and with the help of surf coach Angie. This includes an assessment of your surfing level, defining blockades and challenges, and setting fixed goals.

Each surf coaching contains a session in the water. The time in the water is backed up by exercises, demonstrating and explainingocean knowledge, surf theory, and photo / video analysis. We make sure that we work on your skills through a variety of instruments. We paddle out as a small group but still focus our you as an individual.  

daily surfcoaching sessions (except travel days)

surf equipment

transport & safety intro to spots

surftheory sessions

photo / video analysis

The waves in Taiwan

Taiwan is located between Japan and the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean. The winter storms (North-East Monsoons) in December create powerful swells that regularly hit the East and South-East coast of this island, so our travels and surf coachings will mostly take us to the East and South coast of Taiwan.

Taiwan’s East coast offers a variety of spots, mostly river-mouths which create perfect point breaks and different beach breaks. They are known to be mellow but fast longboard waves. Of course, we will choose the ideal spot for the day, for your level, and the goals we are concentrating on.

One of the greatest advantages of Taiwan is the fact that it’s still a quite unknown surf destination, so spots are normally uncrowded and the locals are known to be very welcoming and friendly.

Water Temperature: 22 - 25 ° C

Spot Types: Beach- & Reefbreaks

Wave Size: Waist to Head High

Travel by Train

Apart from surfing, this week is all about actively exploring Taiwan. We will meet in Taipei from where we will take the train to our first base on the East coast, later continue for the second half of the trip to visit the South. Remember to travel light with a backpack and your surf board if you want to bring your own.

We are going to do other train tours, too! Taiwan’s railway line is breath taking: it travels along sea cliffs with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. On the other side of the track, a wondrous forest mountain scenery awaits, with fog covered valleys in the mornings, endless tunnels and dense green pine forests.

Extra activities

We want to really explore on this trip: not only the ocean, but also the mountains and forests, so pack some hiking boots. 

Taiwan is famous for its hotsprings, as the island sits directly on a collision zone of two tetonic plates. That’s why Taiwan has one of the highest concentrations of thermal hot springs in the world – so let’s dip in to warm up and relax our sore surf muscles!

Food and Accomodation

We will meet in Taipei and start our adventure to the first stop on the East Coast of Taiwan. After roughly half of the trip, we will continue on to the South Coast of Taiwan. In both places, we will stay in a house in a taiwanese village close to the coast with shared twin rooms. 

To recharge our batteries, breakfast and dinner are included on this trip. We will be eating out or being cooked for, fully diving into the delicious local cuisine of Taiwan.


Winter time is when Taiwan is in full bloom. December is also the dryest month of the year, making it perfect for outdoor activities!

While the water is going to be a tropical 22 – 25 °C, the outside temperature in December is a little chilly and normally ranges from 13 – 18 °C.  However,  as every (sub-)tropical zone, weather can change unexpectedly: better come prepared for rain, fog and slightly warmer or colder temperatures.


Is this trip for me?

#TaiwanTwister is designed as an adventure surf trip for curious wanderers who are keen to explore new waves, cultures and destinations. This kind of trip is the most flexible and at times unpredictable, so you should be prepared to touch your limits and look forward to breaking out of your routines and regular lifestyle. We will change locations a couple of times, spend a lot of time in a group environment and try new things daily. 

Moreover, Asia is very different to Europe, not only food- or language-wise, but also concerning transportation, accommodation, culture and customs.

On our adventure surf trips we like to surf but also explore. We normally plan with one surf coaching session per day so if you are looking for surfing all day long, this trip might not be the right one for you.

This trip requires a minimum surflevel 3-5, so intermediate surfers and up.

  • Surf Coaching Time 50% 50%
  • Activities & Exploration 50% 50%
  • Social & Group Environment 75% 75%
  • Daily Routine 25% 25%
  • Minimum Surflevel 50% 50%

The Team

Who is joining?

Surf Coach & Trip Organizer Angie

Many years ago I decided to live my life outside the box. My travels brought me to a lot of different corners of this planet, and I couldn’t imagine settling down somewhere. Until I stumbled across a little rock in the Atlantic ocean: Fuerteventura.

As this little island paradise spoils us with daily sunshine, waves, and a pretty relaxed lifestyle, it was the perfect place to open up a small female-led surf school, and spread my love for the sport of surfing and the ocean.

However, surfing and exploring different places in this world is still a big part of me. Which is why I organise various surf trips every year to share new experiences with a group of other curious surfers full of wanderlust! I’d be delighted to have you joining me on #TaiwanTwister!

Any questions left?

Whether you need more information about Taiwan, our surf coaching format or anything else regarding this trip: Send us a message and we will get back to you asap!

14 + 9 =

Ready to reserve your spot?

Secure one of the four spots for #TaiwanTwister! As of now, Taiwan is still closed, however, we expect the borders to open soon. Due to the current travel restrictions at this point you can only reserve your surf spot (no deposit). Once traveling to Taiwan is allowed again, reservations will be processed in incoming order. Additional reservations will be put on a waiting list.