Confidence Boost Surf Retreat for Women
25.09. – 05.10.2021

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Surfschool in Fuerteventura

Boost your surfing with private coachings

One-on-one coaching

It’s just you and your surf coach. Together you define your surfing goals and focus on improving your skills in the water.

Video analysis

Sometimes we don’t notice what we’re doing wrong. See for yourself the way you are surfing and where you can improve by using a guided video analysis. 

Surf theory

Understand better how the ocean & surfspots works, why waves are breaking (the way they do). Theory is always helping to step up your game.

Surf fitness

Improving your surf skills starts before your course and continues long after. We provide you with exercises for your surf fitness away from the ocean, to keep your paddling and pop-ups strong.

 Personalized Surf Coaching

Individualized for your goals and your level

If you don’t feel like an 8 students to 1 instructor ratio & don’t want to get lost in the masses, that’s where NOMB Surf comes in.

We offer individual surf coachings for you alone, with a friend, your partner or your family, on Fuerteventura.

Our surfcoachings mean undivded attention. We focus on only you. Your level, your goals, your struggles. No matter if you’re a beginner or an intermediate surfer, we always look at the level you’re at and together define the goals for your coaching. 

Why do a private coaching instead of a surf course?

More productive way to learn

A private coaching gives you the opportunity to define your surf level and pursue your goals more realistically . This makes your chance to actually succeed and improve your surf level increase rapidly – which guarantees more fun and a boost of your personal surf motivation

Increased engagement

We don’t only want to teach you surfing, but motivate you. A personal surf coaching always means getting tons of encouragement due to qualified time spent together.

Possibility to work with your fears and emotions

Coaching means learning in your own pace and your own terms. This doesn’t only concern your level of fitness, but also blocks and any struggles with emotions. We work on understanding and overcoming bad experiences and fears.

Content of a coaching

What you will learn



Learn the basics of surfing. We don’t only focus on catching your first white wash waves, but also want you to experience it in a safe environment.


Boardhandling & Safety in the water


Entering, surfing & leaving a surfspot safely


Correct take-off, stance & wipe-out techniques


Awareness in & out of the water


You know the basics and want to improve your surfing in the green wave. Your goals might vary depending on your exact level as no intermediate surfer is the same.


Correct positioning in the wave & line-up


Correct paddling technique & confidence in paddling out


Frontside & Backside turns


Bottom & Top Turns

Individual goals

You might be in between levels, have a specific goal or something you’ve always been struggling with. We always personalize our coaching according to your needs.




Cutback Techniques


Advanced Manoeuvres


How to read the wave & timing


Facing & overcoming your fears in the water


Your goals

Surfing on Fuerteventura

 A surfer’s dream 

Fuerteventura is a paradise for water sports. In the middle of the atlantic ocean close to the african coast, the island has steady temperatures out- and inside of the water 365 days a year, making it a perfect all-year-long surf destination.

As the outcome of a volanic eruption, the island offers plenty of quality reef breaks with different waves for all levels. For beginners and lovers of fast waves, there are also a couple of beachbreaks in the north and south to discover. 

The surfcoach: Angie Ringleb

NOMB Surf’s headcoach Angie has been living and coaching on Fuerteventura for many years by now. She knows the waves and local conditions like her backyard, and will make sure to find the right spot & time for you.

She a FCS level I certified surfcoach, an ISA Level II qualified coach and judge, and also a qualified lifeguardShe has many years of coaching experience and will boost your surfing through visual, direct and indirect coaching. She speaks English, Spanish and German fluently.



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