#Tripnotes GHANARAMA: a serious kind of adventure surftrip ;-)

#Tripnotes GHANARAMA: a serious kind of adventure surftrip ;-)

Well, where to start?? The last NOMB Surftrip blew our minds.. Over and over again.. Let´s see what head surfcoach Angie has to say about the 14 days in incredible Ghana..

´It doesn´t happen often that I am lost for words but right now I am struggling to put the past weeks surfing in Ghana into words. Maybe because with my heart and soul I am still at this little beach called Busua Beach in Southwest Ghana.

A couple of years ago NOMB Surfer Annette send me a photo of her surfing right there in Busua with the text: maybe a NOMB Surftrip destination?? And believe it or not, 2 years later Annette, myself and another 2 crazy NOMB Surfladies (Kiki & Tina) met at Accra International Airport – ready to go surfing. This was the first ever all-girls NOMB trip and to be honest, I was a little bit worried about how it would turn out. Turned out that I could not have asked for cooler chicas to join me on this African adventure, the group dynamic was amazing and trust me, there were loooooads of giggles involved 😉

After a night in Accra we made our way to our homebase: Busua Beach, a small town right on the beach. Traffic is always unpredictable (and exciting) in Ghana but the 6+hrs drive was worth it when we arrived at Ahanta Waves Eco-Lodge, our home for the next two weeks. Who wouldn´t want to wake up here??

Right behind the trees, crossing a little creek, passing the fishermen and their boats, there´s a nice beachbreak which works on most days. It can actually handle quite some size, too. That´s where we surfed the first couple of days, to get used to the boards and the energy of Ghana´s waves. We were super lucky to have local guide (and probably Ghana´s best surfer) Michael ´Ballack´ Blackboy joining us on our surfcoaching sessions.

After a couple of days Ballack thought we were ready to go and surf a nearby pointbreak. Nearby means a 20min walk through the jungle and the next small town. Twenty minutes can be pretty long when humidity and the outside temperature are extremely high. But we all took it with good spirits, serious board-carrying-sharing involved.

Walking to the close by pointbreak through the jungle

The next few days were spend surfing in and around Busua. But surfing wasn´t all we did. The people of Busua are so super friendly and welcomed us with open arms. A stroll into town would always take quite a while, stopping every few minutes for a nice chat, tea & cakes at the local coffee shop or a pitstop at Emmanuell´s, our favourite shopkeeper.

Busua´s young locals are a bunch of great people, motivated to make their community a better place. Like the guys from B.B.C.C. (Busua Beach Community Caretakers) for example. They meet every Wednesday and Saturday to clean up the streets and the beach of Busua. They are on their way to become a totally independent NGO and fund themselves by selling their T-shirts. Sure we all got one. They also have a GoFundMe campaign running, trying to come up with funds to finish all the paperwork to become a proper foundation. Check it out if you feel like supporting those amazing guys and girls. We did our best to support B.B.C.C. and joined their clean-ups whenever we could. That´s us ladies all dressed up and ready to fight plastic!!

The NOMB Surfladies joined a local organization to clean up the streets and beaches of Busua

The surfing of the girls improved really quickly. Daily surfcoaching and their efforts and concentration, helped by the amazing waves, paid off. Soon we were ready for our first daytrip. And what a daytrip it was.

Julia & Peter, the owners of Ahanta Lodge, joined by their cute dog Tiger, took us on a real adventure trip. After an hour drive we parked the car at a tiny village on the beach. Geared up with boards we crossed the tiny lanes of this tiny village. Seriously, it felt like we were walking through everyone´s living rooms. We soon crossed a bridge, then through the jungle, just to end up at a paradise bay.  Just us, some local schoolkids and an empty eco-lodge. The perfect place to realize that yes, we really were in paradise. We got changed, left our stuff in the lodge, crossed a creek, through another jungle hill to end up in a deserted bay.

Imagine a bay framed by juuuuungle and a heaving righthand pointbreak at the end of the bay. Did I hear anyone say PARADISE???

During the next week we went on more very cool daytrips, even treetopwalking in Kakum National Park, visiting an old fort and jungle tracking to Cape Three Point. Ohhh, and did I mention the incredible beachwalk with sunset lunch and a never to forget sunset??

We also got our fair share of adventure (it was an adventure surftrip after all) when our daytrip to Cape Three Point turned into some serious getting-stuck-in-the-mud experience. Generally in September it doesn´t rain that much but this year was different. Tropical rain turned few of the roads into a real mudslides, making us get stuck four times, even with very experienced Peter driving a 4X4. Nevertheless, we had a great time during this adventure, especially when a motorbike with pounding tunes turned up. We nicknamed it the disco-moped because it even had little disco flashlights installed. Soo cool!

Days flew by so quickly, so many waves to surf and so many things to do. Bonfires, a serious drum-lesson, dinner at the lobster man´s house.. Plus we met so many inspiring people who happily shared their stories with us and let us be part of their efforts on changing their community. Like the guys from Teach On The Beach for example.  Apart from having a daily schoolhour for the local kids to get help with their homework, every night, Monday to Friday, at 7pm they have a newshour. Together with the kids they watch international news, learning new vocabulary and discussing the happenings. What an amazing way to build a path for those kids to understand that there is a whole world outside their little village. What impressed me even more was the positive energy everyone shared!

Monday to Friday afternoon the guys from Teach On The Beach run a newshour for the local kids

The whole #Ghanarama trip has been an unforgettable experience. Ever single minute of it. But personally, what touched me most was the surfday we organized for the local community. Not in my wildest dream did I imagine how many people would participate.

The surfday was held on Sunday 22nd September at Ahanta Waves Surfschool right on the beach in Busua. I couldn´t believe it when more than 20 kids turned up to try to surf and join us in the waves. And especially when Emmanuell, the owner of our favourite shop, showed up bringing along the boys and girls of Future Uplifters. Emmanuell supports those local kids, making it possible for them to attend school by supplying school materials, uniforms and paying the tuition fees. What a legend!!

Thanks to all the instructors (and freesurfers) of Busua we managed to get all the kids into the waves. What a bunch of little shredders. I had some great moments with the local girls who were really keen to surf with me. They even told some boys to go away because they wanted to surf with me alone. I have grown up believing that I can reach whatever I want, that the world holds no restrictions for me, and even less because I am a woman. Being able to pass on some of my positive energy and empower some girls in Ghana, making them understand that for them too, the world is open, and how much they are worth being young, strong and independent women. That was a life changing experience that moved a lot more inside by heart and soul that I am, until today, still am unable to comprehend.

The free surfclasses were followed by a surfing competition. Believe it or not, about 40 surfers signed up for it. We ran a juniors, a ladies and an open division. And yes, the NOMB Surfladies Annette, Kiki and Tina joined the competition as well. Annette and Kiki even made it into the ladies final. The surfing in all three categories was impressive. As all kinds of surfequipment is really rare in Ghana, boards and leashes were shared and everyone shredded as hard as he or she could. In the end the winners were crowned with Prince winning the Juniors, Patricia being the Ladies champ and Ballack winning the Open. That´s the surfday in full swing..

NOMB Surfday in Busua Beach

Thanks to all our amazing sponsors and donors we had prices for everyone who participated: rashguards, tshirts, wax, sunscreen, fins, leashes, bags, finkeys, stickers etc.. What no one knew was that we had three surfboards to give away to the 3 winners. Imagine the stoke of Prince, Patricia and Ballack when they all receive a coconut-fin trophy, a surfboard and some accessories.

We, and I know I am also talking for Annette, Kiki and Tina, are super stoked to have left a positive footprint (and some cool goodies) in the beautiful Busua Beach community. Thanks for welcoming us with such open arms! Check out some more pics on our Facebook Site!!

At this point I would love to send out a really big MEDAASE (thank you) to everyone who supported the idea of our #Ghanarama Surfday, donated surfequipment and made this day possible: Ahanta Waves Surfschool & Camp, Sicre Surfboards, PBF Brokers, Freshsurf Surfschool, Riders Surf´n´bike, Protest Surfcenter, Narosa Life, Greenfix Eco-Wax, SWOX Sunscreen, Katie Guthrie, and all my students who donated loads of cool stuff!!

Last but not least I would love to thank my NOMB Surfladies Annette, Kiki and Tina for believing in NOMB Surf and me, and making this trip such a legendary adventure. You girls rock!!

´People, not places, make memories´

NOMB Surf will be back in Ghana, sure this wasn´t our last trip to Busua Beach. Stay up to date with that´s happening at NOMB Surf . Until then I will keep all you beautiful people in my heart, sea you soon: Annette, Kiki, Tina, Suzzy, Freda, Richi, Louis, Henry, Ballack, Bebe, Click, Emmanuell, Love, Helena, Francis, Junior, Rusty, Ebenezer, Julia, Peter and all the Busua Beach surfers..

Love, Angie

PS: Ghana is an incredible country, with amazing people, coastline, jungle, music and waves. But what pictures don´t tell is the extreme humidity, heat and cultural challenges. We would love to see Ghana developing it´s tourism in a sustainable way and attract more visitors to come. However, we advise you, fellow surftravellers, to not underestimate the distances (30km can take 4 1/2hrs), the impact you leave in every community and the cultural differences.

Surfing in Africa – introducing our newest surf destination Ghana

Surfing in Africa – introducing our newest surf destination Ghana

surftrip ghana


Thinking about surfing in Africa we might primarily think of South Africa, with famous surf spots like Jeffreys Bay, Muizenberg in Cape Town or big wave mecca Dungeos. But there are many more countries on this continent that offer quality surf!

Here at NOMB Surf we aim to explore unknown surfdestinations. That’s why our next surf coaching trip #Ghanarama takes us Ghana (September 2019) – and yeah, we are pretty excited about that 😀 Today we want to introduce you to our newest surf destination in West Africa.


“We aim to explore unknown surf destinations – states surf  headcoaching Angie – so after talking to NOMB Surfer Annette it was pretty clear: let’s go surfing in Ghana!”


Good news are: you can leave your wetsuits at home because the water temperature won’t drop below 24 degrees Celsius. So let’s have a closer look..

About Ghana

Africa – that is this big other continent close to Fuerteventura (technically we are in Europa here on Fuerteventura, but geographically we are Africa). Europe or not, we have have the desire to discover this beautiful continent so close to NOMB Surf´s home base. Sooo let’s go to Ghana, West Africa!

Ghana is located between Togo and the Ivory Coast. Ghana is also called the Gold Coast of Africa – so no need to go to Australia this time to surf on the Gold Coast 😉 Before Ghana gained independency it was named the Gold Coast – referred to the trades that were made there. Either way, sounds pretty nice to have a Gold Coast for surfing – and pretty sure that surfing there is like gold for us surfers, too.

Ghana is a pretty modern african country with a relatively stable economy. Its capital, Accra is also a big travel hub in West Africa. That makes us as surfers quite happy, cause we can get there quite easily. From Germany a flight to Accra is about 500€ with a travel time between 10 and 15 hours and just one stopover in one of  Europes capitals. And as there are airlines like KLM and AirFrance operating, you can also check your surfboard in for free (in exchange for luggage, but who needs luggage if you can travel with their surfboard instead ;))

Surfing in Ghana

And that brings us to surfing in Ghana! Besides of the rich African culture, rainforest and the biggest reservoir in the world (Volta) Ghana has a coastline of more than 500 km. And this, chicas and chicos, means a lot of surf in tropical climate! Leave your wetsuit at home and enjoy the nice and warm water!

Surfing in Ghana for the locals hasn´t really been a secret during the last decade but for the western European surfers it showed up on the surfers map just a few years ago (or maybe just right now). In 2006 two Americans opened the first surf shop with surf school in Busua to teach the locals how to surf (also on proper surfboards and not only the wooden ones they kind of shaped theirselfs in former times). The surf capital of Ghana was born: Busua with its first surfing beach of Ghana!

Surfspots in Ghana

The two most common surf spots in Ghana are Krokobite beach (around 40 minutes drive from the capital Accra) and, as mentioned above, Busua (around 5 hours west of Krokobite). Here you will find a bit of surf infrastructure like surf schools with local surf instructors and surfboard rentals. But more than that you will find a lot of positive vibes, reggae culture and amazing food!

Around the area of Busua there are various surf spots with range from beginner to intermediate level. And all along the coast you can find many other unsurfed waves waiting for you! The swell from south and southwest provides waves in Ghana especially from April to September, and even if it could rain from time to time, it will still be nice and warm – and if we are in the water the rain won’t bother us at all 😛

» Surftrip to Ghana: Dates, Price and Trip-Infos (english version) or see here for information in german



As mentioned before our NOMB Surfer Annette has already been surfing in Ghana and happily tells us about here Ghana experience.

Aloha Annette. How did you find out about surfing in Ghana?
Due to youth work I supported the African member associations who met up in Ghana. So when we went there, I already read that there is surfing in this area and wanted to check the waves myself – or better said with my friend Liese from Belgium.

What are your impressions about traveling around and the life in Ghana?
Well, traveling in Ghana is a bit different from Europe, that means it can take quite a while sometimes. The buses might be a bit more crowded than we are used to – but that makes the traveling in Ghana a real adventure, there are so many things and culture to explore! We also visited locals at home, that we knew from our youth work, and we always felt “Akwaaba”, which means welcome in Twi – one of Ghanas official languages. And not only the locals we knew, also all the other locals me met their shared this “Akwaaba” flair. They are not only welcoming, but also always joyful and really helpful!

And of course: What about surfing in Ghana?
We were surfing in Busua where we found a few little surf schools where I could rent a surfboard (I was a bit scared to break it, cause they really didn’t have a lot of surfing equipment there) and Liese took a surf lesson. When I went surfing there, the waves were a bit bigger in between, so I let the locals catch the tricky ones and went for the smaller ones. But I really enjoyed watching it and sitting in the line up (no wetsuit needed, you can surf in bikini there) with this beautiful nature, the sunset and surrounding – just stunning!

So how was your impression of the surf culture there?
Well that was really impressive for me. I could literally experience the local surf community there. The mood at the beach and in the water was just great! It was a “surfing together and enjoying it” because they shared just 2 or 3 shortboards amongst each other. And the best surfboard they had, was a wooden surfboard, that one of the surf coaches won at a contest in Liberia. And evidently all the local surfers could use it!
I didn’t spend enough time there to allow myself an opinion of the surf culture, but I’m excited to figure it out! I haven’t seen girls surfing there, I think it’s more for the men. But there is so much potential and hopefully one day they can produce their own equipment and surf lifestyle products instead of importing it – but maybe they are already doing it 🙂

And are you joining #Ghanarama ;)?
Yes and I’m really looking forward to it! I didn’t have enough time to figure out a lot about the surf culture there. So that’s what we can figure out together on the NOMB Surf trip to Ghana! Cause the intercultural exchange is so exciting in Ghana. And I really hope to talk more to local surfers in these two weeks we will spend there, to find out what they connect to the spirit of surfing. In the colors, rhythms, sounds dances and the way of life that I experienced in Ghana, I could really connect to my own imagination of surf culture to this!

Thanks Annette for telling us about your surfing in Ghana, we are super stoked to have you on board on yet another NOMB surftrip!!


Want to join us on this 14 days adventure surftrip?
For all Details & Booking see here
There are only very limited spaces left on #Ghanarama and due to visa issues the booking period closes the 14th August 2019.

Get in touch with us
per email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +34 610 064 980
or via our contact form

– we are happy to answer all your questions and secure a spot for you.




Traveling to Ghana also means to consider a few things: you have to apply for a Visa and be aware of your vaccinations (especially yellow fever) ! And of course you should take malaria prophylaxes with you! If you have any more questions considering these things, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We here at NOMB Surf understand the principals of sustainable tourism, and believe that we, as travelling surfers, can leave a positive footprint at our destinations. Sustainable tourism is not only the environmental site but it also involves economic and socio-cultural benefits. This is why we have decided to organize the #Ghanarama Surfday 2019 during our stay in Ghana, together with our local surfschool partner. The surfday will include exciting surfworkshops, girls-only surflessons, beach cleanings as well as a little surf competiton. We will soon release more info about incredible event and will need YOUR help, too!! Stay tuned and keep checking our surfblog!!


Sea you soon in Ghana!

Angie & your NOMB Surfteam

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New Trip: GHANARAMA, September 2019!

New Trip: GHANARAMA, September 2019!

Surftripping to Ghana, a real adventure

Great news, it´s time for another NOMB Surf Adventure Surftrip! Woohoo! This time it will take the surfteam to Ghana, a beautiful country on the westcoast of Africa.

Why Ghana you ask? Well, we here at NOMB Surf are always looking for off the beaten track destinations. That´s one of the things that makes surftripping with us so special. Our destinations are generally not known for surfing, and definately not at the time of the year we visit. Who really considers Ireland as a surfdestination, in November 😉


But back to Ghana. One day NOMB Surfer Annette told headcoach Angie about her work she was doing in Ghana. And mentioned about her surfexperience down there. Let two travelling minds come together and the idea of GHANARAMA was born: surftripping along the westcoast of Ghana.

Unlike on the past adventure surftrips, in Ghana the surfteam will have a homebase, an amazing eco-lodge right at the end of a beautiful beach. Starting from there the team will not only surf the waves in front of their door but also head out to explore the amazing (point) breaks that Ghana´s coast has to offer. Guided by a local surfguide who always makes sure that the team is a the right time at the right place. Two weeks of surfing without big crowds in warm (24degrees) waters, what more can you really want?? Here is Annette with her local surfguide just before jumping into the warm atlantic waters.


NOMB Surfer Annette enjoying a surflesson in Ghana


Ghana as a travelling destination can be a bit of a challenge, especially for not too experienced travellers. There are a few things that you have to have in mind before booking your flight ticket:

  • apart from the standart vaccinations you will need a yellowfever vaccination
  • you will need to apply for your tourist visa at the nearest Ghana embassy /consulate
  • you will, if travelling to the coast, need malaria prophylaxis
  • you need to be prepared to step out of your comfortzone and into a totally new culture


To some of you it might sound like the usual preparation before heading out into the world, some of you might find themselves overwhelmed. Either way, the reward for stepping out of your world and into another culture is always mindblowing. And not only talking about surfing new waves but also talking about experiencing new customs, new languages, new smells, new foods, new colors, new music, new friends.. The list is endless.

NOMB Surf´s adventure surftrips are designed for giving you the chance to experience all of the above while having the security of an organized trip. Sure, you will have to take care of your travel arrangements to get to Accra, Ghana´s capitol. But the rest is organized for you: transport, accomomodation, surfcoaching, food, surf equipment, yoga etc.

Daily surfcoaching (in English, German or Spanish) will make sure that your surflevel will boost up a level or two. NOMB Surfcoaching is different from the general teaching you find in a surfschool or surfcamp. Headcoach Angie works with direct (i.e. direct feedback or tips in the water) and indirect (i.e. video analysis or drills) coaching techniques. Qualitiy and effective surfcoaching is what makes NOMB Surf special. Goal setting, self- and surfawareness, theory and so much more..

We here at NOMB Surf are totally excited and stoked about this once in a lifetime trip. If you want to join us on this crazy surfadventure get in touch now and secure your surfspots. We are only taking 6 surfers down there, only 4 spots are still available, and yeahh, there are booking up really fast.

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Sea you soon in Ghana!