#Ghanarama Surfday 2019


Fun, surf and sharing the stoke – that´s what the #Ghanarama Surfday 2019 is all about. NOMB Surf really gets involved. We organize a local surfday during our next surfcoaching trip, #Ghanarama, a 14 days adventure surftrip to the amazing West African country of Ghana (07 – 21 September 2019).

The #Ghanarama Surfday 2019 will be held at the beach of Busua (Ahanta West Region) in collaboration with our local partner Ahanta Waves Surfschool&CampThis exciting day will include the following activities (free of charge of course):

  • surf workshops ( breathholding, boardrepair..)
  • little surf competion
  • all girls surfclasses
  • beach cleaning
  • surf theory sessions
  • beach BBQ
  • and other cool stuff

The idea behind #Ghanarama Surfday 2019 is to spend an amazing day with the local surf community. We here at NOMB Surf believe in sustainable tourism and think it is our chance as travelling surfers to leave a positive footprint at our surftrip destination.

Sustainable tourism –  a big word that will hopefully gain more and more importance in the travel industry. But did you know that sustainability is not only environmental awareness? Sustainable travel is also caring about the economical and socio-cultural benefits of the hosting community.


´Sustainable tourism takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities´


Ghana´s surfing history goes back centuries, originally using wooden boards. However the supply of surfequipment hardly exists. That´s why we have decided to take some surf goodies with us and hand them out to the local surfers who participate in #Ghanarama Surfday 2019. We have been collecting cool presents during the past months, donated by NOMB Surfers but feel that we could do with some more.


That´s why we ask YOU to get involved by donating surfequipment that we can take with us to Ghana. 


This is what we need



Bathings suits / Bikinis


Surf protection (hats and zink/sunscreen)

Boardfixing materials (Solarez)



Surfboards (6´4 and bigger)


If you feel like you want to contribute, that´s amazing. We are not asking for financial donations but little bits of surfequipment, every little helps and will make a difference in Ghana. So far we have asked our donors to attach a card with some personal words. This way it is not only a present but a personal gift from someone who cares and took the time to write some kind words.

The collection of the donations and the actual event are totally transpartent, you can follow your donation and our surfadventures in Ghana via our social media chanels.

To minimize the impact of posting things around the world, donations will be collected on Fuerteventura (Riders Surf´n Bike, El Cotillo) and Munich (Germany).

You want more information or want to participate? Great! Get in touch with us!
Be the change you wish to see in the world.