#Tripnotes FUERTE FUERZA: all the ladies in the house

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#FuerteFuerza has been a special type of NOMB Surftrip. While our other trips are designed to either surf as much as possible, go adventure surf tripping or enjoy a relaxed surf holiday, #FuerteFuerza put the ladies and their power into focus.

Surfcoaching and Mindset work

For 10 day, our ladies not only surfed nearly every day but also challenged themselves physically and mentally. As most of you probably know, surfing is not only about catching and riding a wave. Our minds play an important role when it comes to being in the ocean. If your mindset is off, catching a wave will be luck and not exactly skills, or things can go wrong very quickly. Power surfer AK shows how the right mindset results in epci waves.

An important fact for your brain to know is that you believe in your physical abilities. Knowing how much your body is capable of doing gives you a lot of confidence in the water, especially in situations out of your comfort zone.

Challenging our minds

We all have our own road of life, experiences that mark our way and make us the person we are today. Negative experiences and thoughts often limit our abilities, not only in surfing. During #FuerteFuerza we wanted to address fears and blockages, and provide our ladies with tools to change their mindsets, and make them stronger.

We created a safe atmosphere where everyone could share their histories, and work with their minds either in cooperation with the other chicas, or by themselves. We talked a lot about negative selftalk, about our role as ladies in the line-up, we learned about breathing techniques and breath hold, we set mantras and a lot more. Seeing the positive changes in our ladies attitudes was totally mindblowing. So proud of you chicas!!

Challenging our bodies

In order for our ladies to understand the powerful abilities of their bodies, and also to develop strength and muscle memory, we had organized a well designed schedule during #FuerteFuerza.

We started off with a pole dancing class with long time NOMB Surfer Kim. Kim not only shreds in the ocean but also is a crack at the pole. Our ladies took the pole dance challenge and were surprise about how much they were able to achieve during their first session. They showed quite some natural talent. Amazing, right??

Next on the surftrip agenda was a surf fitness session with personal instructor Kati, Lesano FV. Balance work, important core strength and a deep stretch made a great class. Kati also shared her personal development to become the power woman she is today, inspiring story.

Friday was a surf layday for our ladies. But no need to be sad, we used the surf free day to hop on a boat to Lobos Island with our friend Javi from Lobos Explorer.

Also on board NOMB Surfer Wieneke. Wieneke is the owner of SUP Limburg, a SUP & Yoga school in the Netherlands, and had prepared a special type of challenge for our ladies: a SUP Yoga class. Needless to say that all our ladies really rocked the SUPs, and not even one fell into the water. Beautiful day at such a special location.

With recharged batteries after an incredible layday the ladies were ready for yet another challenge: a yoga handstand flow with our friend Jude from Narosa Surfschool, our partner school for our trips to Ireland. Lucky us that Jude was holidaying on the island right in time to show our ladies how to do inversions. Even without any experience all of the ladies took the challenge and surprised themselves. Surfcoach Angie was stoked to find out how much she was capable off doing upside down.

Windy days? No Problem!

After a whole week of surfing every day, plus mindwork workshops, plus activities our ladies were stronger than ever. Unfortunately mother nature had a different plan. With 60kmh off shore winds we decided to take our surfing to the street.

Surf skating is an effective and fun tool to address problems of stance and also to gain more confidence in balancing and turning the board. They learned skills can then be transferred to our surfboards, incredible improvements guaranteed. Needless to say, that our ladies gave it their best and got more confident by the minute. Way to go, chicas!

Successful first ladies confidence boost workshop

We, that´s trip organizers Angie and Doro, are super happy and so proud to be able to say that #FuerteFuerza has been a glowing success. Starting the trip with no real expectations but loads of motivations to make a positive change in our ladies lifes, it was amazing to see how they challenged themselves and developed new skills. In and outside the water. This is what Doro has to say about the group:

More confidence and more fun while surfings – that was our mission.

It was inmensely impressing and inspiring just how the participating ladies made our mission reality. Backed up by our small but incredible community they faced their individual challenges and outgrew themselves.

We could have not wished for a better first run of this new surftrip format. Leaves us counting the days till the next ladies shredder trip..

Don´t believe what we have been up to during #FuerteFuerza? See for yourself in our Facebook photo album.

More ladies power to come

Being blown away by the outcome of this trip, Angie and Doro decided to do it all over again:

with a revised program and even more motivation and knowledge, our next ladies only surftrip #GuadeGirlsGang will take a max of 6 ladies to the incredible French Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe next spring (18th – 28th March 2023).

Don´t know about you but we are pretty damn excited!

Make sure to sing up for our newsletter or pre-reserve your spot with Angie straight away. No doubt that our girls gang will fill up real quick. More info will be published asap.

Thanks to the #FuerteFuerza ladies AK, Gina and Katharina for trusting in us, for giving it your all, for being all so different but so amazing together. You are true legends and we could not be more proud of you!

Thanks to our friends Kim, Kati, Javi, Wieneke, Jude and Basti for being part of this trip, your support is truly appreciated.

Sea you in the water soon!

Angie & Doro

PS: our next two surftrips to Galicia in May are already booked out. No need to be sad though, follow our adventures on our Instagram and get lost with us in the waves.

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