Living la vida loca: a NOMB Surfday!

Written by NOMB Surf


Ever wondered what happens on a typical NOMB Surftrip day? Apart from surfing and laughing, let us tell you, there is loooods of other stuff going on, too.

We have put together a little trip ´diary´, a mix of past trips, to give you an idea of what´s going on. You like what you read? We would be happy to have you on board a NOMB Surfcoaching Trip!


Let´s start the day. First off all, its breakfast time. The most important meal of the day. We always start with a power brekkie, full of oats, dried fruits, fresh fruits and a fresh juice or smoothy. That´s the basic. In addition we are spoiled every day with another second course. Maybe pancakes, maybe eggs, maybe a crazy cake, our chef keeps surprising us. This is what a breakfast looks like on our surfholiday trip to Ireland:

After breakfast we check the surf & weather forecasts and head surfcoach Angie briefes the NOMB Surfers on the actions of the day. When conditions allow we head straight to the beach, meeting up with our local surfcoach and enjoying the first waves of the day. Surfcoach Angie likes to use photo&video analysis, to improve everyones surflevel right from the start. There is another surfcoach in the water, for safety and to direct the students right to the peak.

At the beginning of each trip Angie sits down with each participant, one by one, and outlines some reachable goals for the time of the trip. NOMB Surfcoaching trips are designed to surf of course but more important to improve your level of surfing and your understanding for the ocean. Our perceptions in the water are always different from reality. If you see what you are actually doing, you will improve a lot quicker.  Photo analysis is a great tool, don´t you think??

Apart from surfing we do heaps of other cool stuff. Yoga for example. It´s great for stretching our tired muscles. And also helps us getting our breathing right. Did you know that most people breath way too shallow in their normal lifes?? Yoga teaches you how to provide your body with oxygen, and how to find your own balance. And I am not only talking about the standing-on-one-food-yogatree-balance 🙂 It strenghens your muscles and improves your flexibility, too. All this, and heaps of other reasons, for us to always have yoga lessons on offer on our surftrips. Hands up who hasn´t dreamed of a yoga session on the beach, listening to the breaking waves..

What else do we do all day long?? Well, sometimes we surf more, and more, and a little bit more.. Or we go out discovering the region where we are staying.. Or we chill in the backyard.. Or we watch waves and wish our muscles wouldn´t hurt so much.. Every day we have a surftheory session going, depending on the interest of the group, and on what our surfcoaches think would be great knowledge for the group.. Sometimes we have BBQs on the beach.. Sometimes we drink red wine under the stars in the desert… A lot of times we go out of our comfortzone, and our surfing abilities grow, and we personally… At the end of the day we are always worn out but with a smile on our faces.. Every night we go to sleep excited about what might happen the next day…

But every, really every day, we laugh so much that it hurts sometimes, and we appreciate the great company, the place where we are and how lucky we are to be surfing every day!! That´s why we can proudly say that with NOMB Surf, every trip is a trip!! The smiles speak for themselves..

After sooo many great adventures during the day, there is not much more for us to do than relax and enjoy a great dinner. And maybe a sneaky beer or two. We here at NOMB Surf always make sure that you refuel your body with tasty powerfood. And we might even teach a bit about surfers nutrition, giving you great examples and recipes to try at home.

We generally end the day sitting together, sharing stories and great moments. It´s incredible to see how strangers become friends in a very short time. Surfing brings people from all different parts of life and the world together. The passion for the ocean is what they share. This is the NOMB Surfteam from the surftrip to Galicia in 2017, a great bunch of people, still being in touch and surfing together..

So now you are saying to yourself, wow, so that´s what makes NOMB Surftrips so special?? We guess it´s a little bit of everything: amazing people, stunning locations, great organization, professional surfcoaching, perfect surfconditions.. We could keep writing for another page or two.. We reallly hope that you like what we do, and become part of our NOMB Surfcrew.

There are trips for every level, and for every type of surftrip you might be looking for. If you can´t find a trip that fits you, no worries, all you need to do is get in touch and let us know. We are more than happy to tailermake one for you!


Sea you in the water soon!

Your NOMB Surfteam




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