5 easy ways to prepare for your surftrip

Written by NOMB Surf


It’s been a while since you have been on a surfboard? All the Xmas cookies and hot choclates at your mum’s house have kept you from following your normal fitness routine? And now this awesome surftrip is getting closer and closer.. Time to get into gear and start preparing to get the most of your time in the water! Check out NOMB Surfcoaching Trips easy 5 ways to get your body&mind ready:

Your local pool

SWIMMING is the best preparation for your surfing! The crawl stroke is very similiar to the paddling technique and this way your arm, chest and lower back muscles are getting prepared for those hours in the water! Check out your local swimming pool and start doing your laps! Both endurance training and power laps are perfect to get your body ready! Please feel free to contact us if you need help with your training program!

Half-Marathon Dunes of Corralejo

RUNNING sometimes seems as a bit of a dull activity but be sure, it’s a perfect endurance fitness exercise that not only gets you fit but also refines your legs and carve muscles. Those you need for the hundreds of pop-ups on your board and also to be able to bang your board on the lip, do more radical turns, have a more stable stance and therefore more control over your board. 30-45min runs already do the trick, start short and keep increasing your running time, you will shortly notice the difference!

Our Yoga Instructor Sharon

YOGA, ok, everyone is talking about yoga and you can’t see yourself ooohhmming and putting your leg behind your head.. But yoga is much more than this image, it is indeed a total complex exercise that every surfer should practice before, during and after any surfing session. Yoga stretches our muscles and therefore enhances our flexibility! Yoga focuses on breathing which for us as surfers is essential! Yoga tones our muscles and makes us stronger! So call your girlfriend or best female friend and sign up for yoga classes close to you.

Sport Diet Nutrition Pyramid

NUTRITION is different for an active person? Of course! As a surfer, and therefore high performance sportsperson, you most likely have a general idea about nutrition and how this effects our abilities in the water. However it can be hard to focus on a healthy diet while being in the day-to-day. As a quick reminder check out the nutrition pyramid and try to change your diet to prepare for the extra exercise that is waiting for you. Include an extra portion of carbs to help your muscles while physically preparing for your surftrip.

Best Surfmovie Ever: Endless Summer

WATCH SURFMOVIES! Now that you have prepared your body it’s time to prepare your mind! Sit down, relax and watch as many surfmovies as you can! Get hiped on the tricks you gonna perform, the breaks you gonna surf, the new friends you gonna make, the exciting adventures that are waiting for you, the beautyful sunsets, your personal progress of your surfing abilities, the cracking music, the taste of new flavours and food, trying new boards, feeling the energy of the ocean and generally spending very long hours in your favourite element!!

Surftrip preparation is a very personal issue, it requires you to listen to your body and your mind! Please don’t power yourself out totally before the trip, you will need all your strength to get the most out of your surftrip experience.

On the NOMB Surfcoaching Trips we won’t send you running or swimming but we will practice yoga with you and spoil you with a healthy and balanced diet. NOMB Surfcoaching trips are made for everyone who has a general level of fitness: beginner surfer, advanced, male or female, experienced travellers or surfcamp lovers! Check out our trips 2016 trips to Chile!


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