The NOMB Surftrip checklist

Written by NOMB Surf


Being prepared for your surftrip is essential to get the most out of your journey! Even if you have surftripped before, check out the NOMB Surftrip checklist below, there´s always a little something that you might forgot to pack.. Print the checklist and tick it off before hitting the road, this way you can be sure to have packed all the essentials..


 The NOMB Surftrip checklist:

wave3 Wetsuit / Booties / Neopren hat / Rashvest / Boardshort

wave3 Your surfboard quiver safely stored in a travel boardbag

wave3Drybag for wet clothes and wetsuit

wave3Passport & Drivers License

wave3Medical Insurance

wave3Vaccination booklet

wave3Insect repellent

wave3Waterproof watch

wave3Camera (GoPro and digital camera)

wave3Daypack for the essentials, water and snacks

wave3Music device (Mp3, Iphone etc)

wave3Surfboard Wax (check water temperatures of your destination) and surfwax comb

wave3Vaseline (to treat wetsuit rash)

wave3Sunscreen (waterproof) and Zink Stick

wave3Ding repair kit (fibre glass or epoxy, depending on your boards)

wave3Set of extra fins and finkey

wave3Extra leashes

wave3Ducktape (fixes everything: board dings, broken backpacks etc.)

wave3Sleeping bag (for those bonfire nights on the beach)


Happy & Safe Surftripping!


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