#Tripnotes Galicia 2017: La Bomba…

Written by NOMB Surf


… that´s just the right word for our NOMB Surfcoaching trip to Galicia.


´La bomba´ is spanish for ´the bomb´, and often used not only for great moments and an extraordinary person but also for the biggest wave of the day rising up on the horizon. And yeah, the NOMB Surfers had some great waves on a daily basis, everything from small & mellow to big & powerful.

Go big or go home


´La bomba´ were also the improvements. Daily intensive surfcoaching made every single of one of the NOMB Surfers immensly improve their surfing skills. At the beginning of the trip surfcoach Angie sat down with each participant to get an idea about the level, challenges and problems. Reachable goals were set for the week (apart from surfing great waves of course): NOMB Surftrips are made for not only surf but to improve your surfing at the same time. Through video and photoanalysis surfcoach Angie identified the areas of improvement and gave concret feedback and tips on how to improve quickly. The results were incredible, exhaused but happy smiles were leaving the water after every session in the (not so cold) galician waters.

The NOMB Surfers


After so much surfing the batteries needed to be recharged. Chef Julez made sure that noone went to bed with an empty stomach. The focus of her cooking was on showing the NOMB Surfers how tasty healthy energy food can be, and that it doesn´t have to be meatbased all the time. Trying to use local produce Julez and surfcoach Angie went around the local markets, and picked up a tip or two from some old ladies. Julez treated the surfers to grilled fish and stuffed veggies, curry with gambas and quinoa, local empanadas y tortillas, and not to mention the power breakfasts! Thanks for doing such an amazing job Julez, we hope to have you on board on more NOMB trips. PS: your energy balls are la bomba, too!

Fish markets


We here at NOMB Surf are always trying to find the best conditions for our surfers. Even if that means splitting the group if we have different surflevels. At the beginning of the week the NOMB crew took a trip up north to a truly magical beach (the end of the world?). The local surfguides, Ramon & Josh & Albino from Ocean Squad Surf Academy were never tired of bringing the NOMB surfers to the beach with the best conditions. Gracias chicos! Luckily the local beach only a few minutes drive away produced beautiful waves nearly every day. Varying in size but nearly always glassy made two surf sessions possible on most of the days. Have a look at it, isn´t it beautiful???

Local beach


The days were packed with surfing, yoga, theory, more surfing, chilling, supermarket trips, eating and Estrella Galicias.. Maybe that´s why the week passed soooo quickly.  Too soon the first of the NOMB Surfers had to go back to Santiago de Compostella. Not without the rest of the group giving him a proper farewell of course. Galicia is famous for the ´Camino de Santiago´, a pilgrimage to the shrine of apostel St. James the great in the cathedral in Santiago. There are several pilgrim ways which all end here. However, there is a saying that your own ´Camino´ starts at your own doorstep. All NOMB Surfers followed their own ways to all end up surfing the amazing galician waves! Woohoo!

Good bye NOMB Surfers


It was hard to leave Galicia and its beauty, that hard that some of the NOMB Surfers stayed an extra view days. New friendships were made, memories were created, wave after wave was surfed, limites where reached and exceded!

Well done NOMB Surfers in Galicia, see you soon in the ocean somewhere!!

Your NOMB Surfteam


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