Surffitness – a fancy word but how does it work?

Written by NOMB Surf


Being a landlocked surfer sucks! No waking up to the sound of the ocean. No sunset surf session in bright colors. No finding of your balance by staring at the horizon. But hey, the next surfholiday is not too far away.

So you have booked your tickets, tried on your wetsuit at home (just to make sure it still fits) and just for fun tried a few take-offs to get into the mood. And once in a sudden you realize that your fitness & strength levels are round about zero. So you start thinking about the muscles pain from your last surftrip, and the missing endurance to spend more than 1 1/2hrs per day out in the ocean. Surffitness, that´s the key you think. You run into your local gym and they offer Drysurf classes and all that fancy stuff. You sign yourself into some quite expensive courses, to only realize that the whole so called surffitness hasn´t got much to do with surfing at all. So you start checking the internet. And you find looooooads of information. But where to start??

Let us help you with a little guide through surffitness. Look at NOMB Surf, N-ature O-cean M-mind B-body. The 4 pillars that make you live and surf in balance and to your full potential. Nature and ocean are out of your reach while being landlocked, but your body and mind are there, 24/7. And are ready to be prepared?

Our mind is often overlooked. Personal issues and stress at work are part of everyone´s life. But are you actually doing anything to change those negative energies around you? You don´t like your job? Well, change it. You are not happy in your relationship? Well, change it. It´s easy said but it´s also easy done. Isn´t life about being happy? Once you try to get to the roots of your troubled mind, you might find out that solutions for everything are out there, and that noone apart from you can make decisions for you. How do they say? Free your mind, and the rest will follow 😉

Preparing your body is a little bit more tricky. But not impossible. Allow yourself at least 12 weeks to get back into shape. So where to start? Let´s devide your body preparation into three main parts:

 1. Aerobic training (swimming and running)

2. Basic mobility & flexibility exercises

3. Basic strength (core & plyometric) workouts

Now that you know what you are looking for the information available online is a lot more clearer. Swimming and running programs are openly available. Or sign into a couple of classes with a professional swimming or running instructor and get some advice.

Basic mobility and flexibility exercises can be found for free on Youtube and you can make them part of your watching TV routine.

To improve your strength, especially in the core area, scan the internet for surfstrength exercises. Surfstrengthcoach Cris Mills offers some really great exercises. You can either buy his complete training program or take advantage of his Youtube channel. Plyometric doesn´t mean much to you? It basically means you want your muscles to exert maximum power in very short intervals of time, a take-off for example. Best way to prepare your take-offs? A take-off straight out of a push-up. Check out plyometric expert Dani showing you how to do it:

Our NOMB Surftrips are designed for your to boost your surfing. The most efficient surfcoaching trips we offer are our intensive surfcamps and adventure surftrips. Included in the trippackage of those two is a 3 months fitness preparation programm. That´s right! Not only do we coach and guide you during the trip, we also give you a structured fitnessplan to prepare. And guess what? Right, after the trip you will receive your own detailed feedback about the achievements during the trip, plus extra excercises to improve back home.

Sounds good to you?? Then do not hesitate but sign in for our next surftip ´Groove On Galicia´, a 14 days intensive surfcamp to the Northwest coast of Spain.

Good luck with your surffitness, sea you in the water soon.

Your NOMB Surfteam

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