#Tripnotes Lanzarote Legacy: stormy days on the Canaries..

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.. no problem for our NOMB Surfcrew!! Another incredible NOMB Surftrip has come to an end. This time our surfteam explored Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands.

The Canaries are known for it´s warm weather and great waves. Well, last week mother nature decided to show off a bit to the NOMB Surfers. 70kph winds, sunshine, rain, sunshine, hail, sunshine, little tornados.. And that´s only on our small island. Imagine how stunned we were to find out that it had been snowing on Gran Ganaria?? Check out the crazy early morning sky over Famara, our homebase.

Being surfers means being outside and in touch with nature. A little bit of wind and rain?? No problem for the NOMB Surfcrew. Guided by our local instructor Melly we did find great conditions every day.

The first day we surfed a beachbreak on the eastcoast. Strong side-offshore winds made it a bit tricky to stay in position but the team was focused and Melly helped them find the peaks. Surfcoach Angie monitored from outside, taking photos &  videos. These were used for a personalized analysis the same afternoon. On the beginning of each NOMB Surftrip Angie sits down with each student individually and reachable goals of improvement are set for the time of the trip.

Markus for example wasn´t aware of the fact that the timing of his take-off was a bit too late. Imagine how stoked he was to find out in the next surfsession how much faster he can travel down the face of the wave when getting up earlier and at the unbroken part of a wave. Here are Batze and Markus sharing a little party wave, waiting for the wave to reform.

After a powerbreakfast dished out by chef Basti the team was ready to wavehunt on day 2. The strong winds the day before brought waves to the Eastcoast of Lanzarote. The team wavechecked a few spots with surfguide Melly and decided to jump into a wave right in the middle of one of the touristy towns of Lanzarote. A mellow peak pealing left and right into a bay was waiting for the NOMB Surfers. A perfect wave for longboarder Casper.

After getting changed in the carpark the team walked down to the beach, and along the esplanade, carefully watched by tourists sipping their Mojitos in the beachbars, a funny scenario. After a warmup and the spot introduction the team paddled out and found some great waves. The little bay was framed by two wavebreaker walls, providing clearly marked ripcurrents. It hardly gets any easier to get straight to the peak.

Motivated and prepared through the surftheory session about take-off timing in the morning the NOMB Surfers caught great waves and improved their skills. Happy faces, and tired arms, left the water. But all energies were quickly restored and the team found themselves jamming the famous Sunday Session in Teguise in the afternoon. Spanish live music, little quirkly bars, friendly locals, a great way to experience the spirit of the Canaries. This is our surfspot the second day, you can see we were hiding behind the esplanade 😉

The next four days were marked by surfing, surfing and more surfing. Our local beach Famara started working and held some surprises for the NOMB Surfteam. On Monday the regional government issued a storm warning, cancelling all outdoor acitivites. Briefed and prepared for having to jump out of the ocean any second the NOMB Surfers got changed in the house and walked down to the beach in the pooring rain.

Once the arrived on the beach the rain stopped, the wind stopped blowing and the whole team was totally stoked to find glassy (!!!) conditions. And even better, noone in the water. We surfed a great reefbreak at the corner of Famara, heaps of waves and stoke for everyone! Check out NOMB Surfer Tina looking for the barrel 😉

But the NOMB Surfholidays are not only about surfing, we also take some time out to let our muscles recover. And use this time to explore our destination. Even the pouring rain didn´t stop the surfteam to discover the little oasis called Casa Lagomar in Nazare. Nazare you think?? No, it´s not Portugal´s big wave spot but a small town in the middle of the island, home to a umique piece of artwork: a house build into one of the volcanos. Definately worth a visit.

Back on the eastcoast for their last day of surfing the NOMB Surfers went underground, some 25m below sealevel. The ´Cuevas de Verdes´ are some impressive caves showing what´s going on inside the island. It help quite a surprise for our group. You wanna know which one? Then check this photo and try to find the ilusion.. You will be surprise, too!!

After sooo much surfing, and soooo many hours of laughing it was hard for the team to say goodbye after a week. Kiki was the first one having to leave early Saturday morning, Kiki and her laughter were dearly missed at breakfast time.

Lanzarote Legacy has lived up to his name and left us with some unforgettable memories. Head surfcoach Angie is super stoked about the improvements of each single NOMB Surfer and about the harmony of the surfteam. In times when surfing holidays are being ´consumed´, and surfschools operate in masses, it´s great to see how effective personalized surfcoaching can be. NOMB Surftrips are a different experience, where new friends learn and improve in a peaceful, respectful and fun environment. Big hugs go out to the whole Lanzarote Legacy surfteam: Batze, Angie, Melly, Tina, Markus, Kiki, Casper and Basti!

More photos of our first Canary Island trip can be found on our Facebook page, go and check them out.


Thanks for a fantastic week, cu in the water soon!

Your NOMB Surfteam


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