Meet the team: Christian ´Greghu´ Sidler

Health & motion coach

Written by NOMB Surf


We are happy to present you the newest addition to the NOMB Surfteam: health & motion coach Christian Sidler, aka Greghu. Don´t worry, we will help you how to pronounce his name correctly ;-). Greghu will join us on the first ever Surf & Fitness camp #GranCanariaGrinder in January 2020. Let´s find out a bit more about him..

Health & motion coach


Hoi NOMB Surfers,

during NOMB Surfs trip #GranCanariaGrinder I will be your health & motion coach. With my passion for brain function my job is to get the maximum out of your body, to help you improve your surf skills,

The main target is to enjoy the movement, with the movement comes concentration, with concentration the skills, followed by a smile which gives you satisfaction to keep going until your performance reaches the next level.

I am seriously but not as serious as this sounds 😉 I love to play with balls, rund and grind but to be honest: about boards – so far – I am not too experienced. But I am stokek..

Catch you in the ocean!


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