GRAN CANARIA GRINDER (Trip): January 2020

Fear is something we create, because we´re stuck in the past or envisioning the future.
- Garret McNamara

Challenge yourself on this exciting 7 days Surf & Fitness camp. You want to improve your surfing? First step is to get your body and brain surf fit.


#GranCanariaGrinder will push you to your limits. One week of intensive surfcoaching on this beautiful Canary Island, combined with daily fitness units. What makes this trip extra unique? We are super stoked to announce a new member of the NOMB Surfteam: Christian ´Greghu´ Sidler, professional health & motion coach, specialized and trained in neurology-based performance training. 


Never heard of neuro sports performance? It´s approach is to unlock the full human potencial by using brain-based neurological assessments combined with biomechanical models of training. After being assessed and trained by Greghu you will be surprised about how much more your body is able to accomplish. Take this knowledge and confidence into the water and your surfing will go through the roof. This is the first ever Surf & Fitness camp we run and we could have not wished for a better fitness expert to join us.

#GranCanariaGrinder takes you a 5 other surfers to the stunning island of Gran Canaria, in the middle of the Atlantic. Based in a typical canarian house with all amenities and a great view we will spend our days surfing and training. The neuro programm will be backed up by yoga lessons which will keep your mind in balance. Daily surfcoaching, including video analysis and surf theorie will boost your surfing to another level.


NOMB Surfers on the Canary Islands
Surf & fitness camp on Gran Canaria

Ready to unlock your real potential?

Get grinded with us on Gran Canaria


25/01 – 01/02/2020

Meeting point

Las Palmas (Gran Canaria, Canary Islands)

Surflevel & Type of trip

1-4 Wellen

Surf & Fitness Camp


max.  6 ;
free spaces: 2


995,- €

Be part of the first ever NOMB Surf & Fitness Camp.
Challenge your body & mind with 7 days of surfcoaching and fitness sessions. 

#GranCanariaGrinder: the facts

Get surffit with us on Gran Canaria: 7 days surfing and fitness. Find out how much your body is actually able to achieve.

Our homebase is a typical canarian house, from here we explore the volcanic island´s beaches and surfbreaks. Our local surfguide will make sure that we are always at the right time at the right spot. Pumping waves guaranteed!


Different from our other trips, an adventure surftrip for expample, this one is not only about surfing. We believe that to be able to perform in the water your body needs to be trained and fit. That is why we have invited professional health & motion coach Greghu Sidler to join us on #GranCanariaGrinder. Greghu is a qualified Z-health coach and will show you how to perform to your max using a neurology-based training system.

Surf & Fitness Camp: what does it mean

This trip will be run as a Surf & Fitness Camp with a max of 6 surfers. At NOMB Surf we distinguish our surftrips according to the intensitiy of surfing, the mix of surfing and holiday, the adventure factor and of course our destinations. #GranCanariaGrinder is a Surf & Fitness Camp. We will make sure that you surf a lot and get surffit at the same time!


This trip is designed for surfers who really want to improve their surfing and challenge their bodies. Trying a new type of training you will be confronted with your limits and most likely have to reset them. Being in a group you will be motivated to get the most out of your body and your surfing. You will relax your body and mind during yoga sessions but also sharpen your awareness when it comes to the ocean environment. You will learn how to read and understand the ocean and connecting to it will inmensely increase your wavecount.

The day to day

Our days start with a healthy powerbreakfast prepared by campchef Lovely Linda. Linda will teach you about the different types of ingredients she uses and happily share her recipes. Depending on the local surf conditions we will go surfing after breakfast or start training at our homebase. We will have a break for lunch where you can prepare yourself something you like or head to one of the close by little restaurants. After lunch we continue with either surfing, training, yoga or surftheory / video analysis. We will finish off this action filled day with a delicious dinner prepared by Linda and than relax for the rest of the day (or fall into our beds totally exhausted).


The idea of our surfcoaching trips is to really improve your surfing. Daily surfcoaching, backed up with ocean knowlede, surf theory and video analysis will make sure that you advance with your surfing. Even though we surf as a group surf headcoach Angie will teach every surfer individually: assesssment of level of surfing, setting goals what to achieve during the trip, explaining drills and exercises, coaching in and outside the water, demonstrating and explaining.

Your coaches, surfguide & campchef

NOMB Surfcoach Angie is a ISA level II qualified surfcoach, a qualified lifesaver and has lots of years of coaching experience. Angie can coach in English, German and Spanish, you pick your language 😉 Angie and NOMB Surf have their homebase on Fuerteventura but she loves setting off to run the NOMB Surfcoaching trips around the globe. Our local surfguide, a native canario, has surfed most of his life on this beautiful island and will make sure to find us some amazing waves. Campchef Linda and fitness guru Greghu could be part of the Swiss national comedy team, so much fun are they to have around.


Fineprint: sustainable surftravel

Only a word to many people, for us at NOMB Surf an important issue. On all our trips we try to act as sustainable as possible. We recycle actively, work only with partners who share our believes and try to leave a positive footprint in the hosting community. Not only cultural but also economically. That´s why we always work with a local surfschool at our trip destination. We understand that getting to the Canary Islands takes a long time if you don´t fly and therefore commit to set off the carbon footprint caused by our participating surfers, by supporting an environmental programm. Beachcleanings and environmental respect are common on our trips and we are happy you want to join us in being the change you want to see.


Are you ready for #GranCanariaGrinder, get surffit and take your surfing to the next level? Get in touch with us!

Sea you soon on Gran Canaria !
Angie & the NOMB Surfteam

P.S.:Never been to the Canary Islands before? Can´t imagine what it looks like? Check out the #tripnotes from this years trip to Tenerife and get hyped on the beauty of the Canary Islands!

Any questions?

You are not really sure if the trip is suitable for you? You would like some more information? Or maybe you want to get to know surf headcoach Angie first and check out if you approve of her idea of surfcoaching?

Send us an email with your questions and we will get in touch with you asap!

By the way, if you prefer to talk to us in person simply let us know! We can talk via Skype, Whats App, Phone, Facebook Messenger, or whichever way you prefer.