Cold water surfing – A motivational guide!

Written by NOMB Surf


To a lot of surfers the idea of cold water surfing is still a litte bit odd. Why spend your well deserved holidays in cold water, and take the chance that it might even rain?? Well, let us give you a few reasons for why to forget about warm water surfing and try something new:

1. If you don´t feel like surfing in cold water, imagine how many others do. Problably not many. Results??? Yeeeeeah, empty line-ups and heaps off waves for you!!



2. If you know that your session probably won´t be longer than 1 1/2hrs due to the colder temperatures, your motivation changes! And this generally resutls in a pretty high wavecount and loads of waves to improve!!

3. Extreme conditions make you bond a lot more with the other surfers in the water. Good chance that there´ll be only a couple of guys more out there. Sharing a sesssion with strangers (who quickly become friends) is one of the most rewarding things in surfing!



4. Cold water feels harder! Ok, ok, your wipeout might be a little bit more bumpy but imagine the waves energy, and the speed your board can generate!! Hence more powerful waves, turns and maneuvers for you!!!

5. Step outside your comfortzone! Surfing is about reaching and overcoming your limits!

6. The beginnings of NOMB Surf go back to the cold chilean pacific waters! Braving the freezing ocean, close to 0 degrees outside temperatures, hailing winds and rain turned headcoach Angie into the waveloving person she is today. If Angie can brave all this, you surely can, too!!


Changed your mind about surfing in colder temperatures?? Why not step outside your comfortzone and join us on our next NOMB Surfcoaching Trip to Ireland??

Apart from improving your surfing, riding unforgettable waves, eating like kings&queens, relaxing with some yoga, learning a lot about surfing theory, sleeping in a great irish house, apart from all this, we even throw in some ´craic´ and good times in one of Ireland´s most beautiful (and unknown) parts!

Book your space directly through the website or get in touch by email, [email protected]. Cu in the waater soon, your NOMB Surf Team!








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