#Tripnotes Switzerland 2017: what a view..

Written by NOMB Surf


… and what a group! Great spirits, fun, active and eager to explore!

So much laughter and silly jokes! That´s what happens when German, Austrian and Swiss accents are mixed together!

The NOMB Snowteam met in Surcuolm, Graubuenden. A beautiful litte village right in the mountains. Our warm and pretty luxury apartment was a 10m walk from the slope right down to the main skilift. A little challenge on the first day (Angie accidently checked out the detour) but the team managed to be at the Mundaun Ski&Snowboardschool headquarters up on the mountain right in time.

NOMB Snowteam

Joined by professional snowboard coach Joel, part of the renowned Bergwacht, the NOMB Snowteam shredded it´s way through the beautiful mountains, and powder, of this little hidden paradise. Even though we didn´t get fresh snow it didn´t matter because the sun presented itself everyday and made the -10 degrees feel nearly warm. Joel, and the schoolmanager Gian, made sure that the team headed to the best parts of the slopes and backcountry. NOMB wouldn´t be NOMB if it didn´t make you touch your limits but even a day of extreme Schlepplifiting put a smile on everyones face by the end of the day.


Being on the mountain the whole day is pretty exhausting. A well deserved apres-ski beverage at Joels Bar ´Muntaniala´ was enjoyed at sunset-time. Every day after a hot shower and some stretching the group dined the most incredible mountain style. Raclette at Joels house (a looot of cheese), Burritos at the apartment, Cheese Foundue in a mountain hut on 1.689m (more cheese), a homecooked traditional dinner at Joel´s parents house and an all-you-can-eat outdoor BBQ up in the bar watching the stars. A healthy diet is important for such active boarders like the NOMB Snowteam; protein, carbs and healthy fats were topped up! A sneaky Grapa might have helped the digestion a little bit 🙂

Cheese Fondue Crew

 Every day Coach Joel surprised us with a special highlight. From climbing right to the top of mount Piz Mundaun and enjoying some amazing view (Markus showed us ´home Austria´ in the distance), to checking out the worldclass Snowboardpark in Laax. The highlight was without doubt the snowshoe hike on the last day. Equipped with avalanche equipment and snowshoes Aline, Angie, Joel, Markus and Tobi hit the beautiful and remote backcountry. After a challenging hike with pretty strong Foen wind the group reached the top. And was rewarded with a more than 1.200m altitude distance ride through untouched powder, forests, valleys, creeks.


 All great things come to an end but these 6 days of snowshredding left the entire group with loads of desire to return one day! We can proudly say that the ´NOMB Surf goes snow experience´ has been a complete success, and will definately be repeated! Head to our Facebook page and get an idea of the fun, great views and unforgettable rides our team experienced!

Thanks to all the participants and visitors, you made this week one to remember! 

NOMB Team Switzerland

Special Merci goes out to the entire Bergwacht (Joel, Gian and Ivan). You guys are legends, thanks for sharing your paradise! See you in the water!! 

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