The struggle about secret surf spots – empty line up or sharing your stoke with friends

Surfing alone or sharing the stoke with your friends?

Written by NOMB Surf


Surfing alone or sharing the stoke with your friends?

You just had the perfect Surf Session, ripped wave after wave, made turns and tricks on this perfect lefthander and you feel just pure happiness and being one with the ocean and nature.

As we are all just humans, we kind of wanna share this feeling with others and express our happiness even more while talking about it (here we do not talk about getting a whitewashwave, we mean real waves, these green walls in the ocean that you can surf to the left or to the right :P) Soooo imagine you are coming out of the water, and you are lucky enough that there are not a lot of people around because you just surfed a surfspot that isn’t already on every surfermap.


lanzarote Surftrip

But at the latest when you hang out with your friends and other surfers at night to have a beer (or as responsable surfer just a water) you have to talk about this session, cause everyone can still see the smile on your face. They might think you are just super stoned, but “Hey guys, it was just an epic surf session!”. You will start to tell about the shape of the wave (of course A-Frame, perfect size, glassy, no wind and and and) and then there will be the point where your friends and also other people are going to ask you “And where is this wave you are always talking about!”

Now the struggle is getting real. Cause you wanna share this feeling and take all the people that you like with you, but they will tell friends and they tell friends and your secret will be soon no secret anymore. Now it’s on you to make a choice:


crowded line up         vs.        surfing


  1. Love, Peace and Harmony – you trust in the good of people and noooo wayy that they will tell others about this epic surfspot

    Actually that would be an awesome solution! Cause your friends will of course just go there with you, and even if they go alone, it won’t be the same and they’ll never tell other people about this spot! So the secret surf will always be maintained and you can continue having the barrels and the surf of your life there. With your friends you can also make a hidden bonfire barbecueing beer night (of course well protected, nooo one will see you), sleep there and go for an early morning surf as well. Chaakkkaaaa – if life would be that easy…. 😉 Well guys, lets talk about reality, in two weeks from now on, this place might also be crowded and you have to go and get yourself ready for your next journey to find another secret surf spot. The good thing: you will be smarter the next time 😛

  2. You don’t share because you can keep your happiness for yourself

    Jackpot – you made a really hard decision and have a really strong personality! I mean, surfing is not that kind of group sport! Who even likes other people in his or her wave? Yes, no one! They are just disturbing and annoying! So better don’t tell anyone and have it all for your self! (Actually besides sarcasm, you can also find truth in this one, because yes, it is a magical feeling if it is just you, the ocean, your surfboard and the wave – the peace on earth!

  3. You can select the people that are thrustworthy enough to share this secret with

    Well, that would be the optimization of surfing! And yes, that can work out! I mean, you should be old enough to know your friends and know who can trust, so goooo and share your feeling, your knowledge and your happiness with friends! And you will get epic surfsessions surrounded by the best people that you know! You will see, you won’t mind letting a wave through for a friend. Cause you will also be happy for him if he has an awesome wave. Cause never forget, it was you who introduced him to this wave. You will receive a lot of good Karma =)


And now, go and get out for a surf on your favourite surfspot, find new waves and share your happiness – but not with everyone 😉

Sea you in the water soon!


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