Our Surf Coaching Week

Unlock your full potential step by step in one week.

The Surf Coaching Week is an intense and compact format of surf coaching for experienced surfers who feel stuck with their surfing.

Daily coaching programms build on one another to go into depth with maneuvers, routines and fitness. Through repetition, we tackle any incorrectly accustomed movement sequences and help your body through muscle memory to internalize movements (maneuvers, turns, pop-up).

At the same time, the Surf Coaching Week can help you increase and gain new motivation by overcoming stagnation in your surf level, as well as gain more confidence to surf new spots or bigger waves.

The theoretical part will help you with your positioning and wave selection by creating a better understanding of the ocean.

Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Improve Your Surfing.

Spread over 7 days, this is what your surf coaching week includes:

6 Surf Coachings

Video Analysis


Theory on Mind Preparation, Ocean Awareness and Health

Extended feedback & analysis

Surfskate / Balanceboard Sessions

Surprise activity tailored to the coaching plan

Video / photo footage of your week

Price: €885


What it takes for the Surf Coaching Week.

Intermediate Surf Level

We recommend the surf coaching week for surfers who have been surfing for some time and have reached at least an intermediate surf level.  Being experienced ensures that you can expect to significantly improve your surfing in one week, by working on specific details: maneuvers, improved wave count and correction of incorrectly trained movements.

As (experienced) beginner, it’s mostly repetitions that you need to improve your take-off and positioning. One or two coachings will show you the way, then you can continue on your own to create muscle memory for your movements. Follow up coachings then take you to the next level.

Advanced Fitness Level and Endurance

A certain level of physical health & stamina guarantees that you can really benefit from this week. You will be rewarded with more water time and a better wave count, hence a better success. Furthermore, it is proven that a well-trained body adapts faster to new movements. 

If you can’t hold up with the daily coachings, you might end up with the feeling of not getting anywhere with your surfing  – or not as far as you expected. We want you to succeed during this week and thus, for maximum effect, recommend training before joining the Surf Coaching Week.

Motivation & Good Attitude

Of course, we are there to support and  motivate you – and kick your ass when needed on a bad day. But your own mindset is as important as your physical health. The will to improve your surfing and work on it focused, for one entire week, will bring you forward in your surfing. We work on your motivation and pump it even more.

Wave Expectations

We don’t control nature or the ocean. Waves come as they are – and we appreciate what we get in every session. There might be windy days, small days, big days. If it’s surfable, we will go – and work on goals fitting those conditions. The good news is: Different conditions make you a better surfer as you will learn how to surf various waves. But you will have to bite through.

If you hope for a week full of glassy conditions and comfortable wave heights, lower your expectations. 


About your Surf Coach

My name is Angie Ringleb. I’ve been coaching for more than 10 years now. During this time, I taught plenty of surfers with various levels of skills, different ways of learning and unique struggles. I believe that one-on-one coaching is key to improve surfing in an effective way.

Keeping this in mind, I designed a professional coaching program, focusing on individual goals, shortcomings and performance abilities. Bundled in an intensive surf week, the program aims on maximizing their performance enhancement. 

My Experience

  • ISA Level II Surf Coach
  • Certified Surf Judge
  • Qualified Life Guard
  • ± 10 years of surf coaching experience
  • Fluent in English, German and Spanish


The surf coaching week was a real boost for my surfing skills and I can highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their surfing level. I learned so much this week – not only in terms of technique, but also mentally. I now dare to position myself in the line up and paddle on waves with much more confidence.

The coaching with Angie is extremely professional, and her knowledge is enriching both for surfing, but also for challenging everyday situations. Nevertheless, there is never a lack of good laughs, cheerful singing and motivating “EPIC” shouts during the sessions – in short #SurfcoachingAtItsBest!


Intermediate Level, March 2021