Surfcoaching! A great word but what does it actually mean? And how does it work?

Mostly likely you are thinking about direct feedback right now:  you are in the water and your coach is keeping an eye on what you are doing out there. You paddle past him or get out of the water to where he is standing, he gives you feedback and some tips on how to improve.


But that´ s only one little piece of the surfcoaching puzzle. Surfing is so much more than only 1-2-3 & get up on the board. Here is what also matters:


  • Surfing is about being in the ocean, about being able to read and understand it.
  • Surfing is about awareness of your environment and the changes that are happening.
  • Surfing is working with your own emotions: expectations, joy, fear and frustration.


All these are important things that are generally overlooked when it comes to teaching how to surf. Why? It takes a lot of time and sensitivity, from both sides, surfer and coach. However, all these factors are really important, that´s why we are incorporating them into our coaching routines.

What to expect?

This is how NOMB Surfcoaching works:

High quality surfcoaching

Analysis of your current surf level

Personalized goal setting

Video / photo recording of surfsessions

Video / photo analysis

Learning about the ocean environment

Assistance in dealing with emotions

Specific coaching techniques and drills

How do we know? NOMB Surf´s headsurfcoach Angie has been trained as a surfcoach on a professional level. She has obtained the ISA (International Surfing Association) Level II Surfcoach degree and deepened her knowledge in sports- and surfpsychology, learning only from the best.


Through years of coaching experience, especially in the private coaching area, Angie has developed a personalized, efficient and fun way to learn/improve very quickly. Taking the time with the student to sit down and identify problem areas and goals, even before hitting the water, has proven to be of maximum productivity.

Surfcoaching Fuerteventura

NOMB Surf headcoach Angie Ringleb

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