Apart from having an incredible time, NOMB Surfcoaching Trips are made for you to improve your surfing! Our professional and experienced surfcoach Angie (FCS Level I & ISA Level II) will take your surfing to another level.

But why are the NOMB Surftrips so special?


And how are they different from a normal surfcamp? The answer is personalized & intensive surfcoaching. On our trips we don´t just throw you into the water and give you direct feedback for each wave. It´s much more than that!


We work with visual analysis, in order for you to see what you are doing. We work with direct coaching through a qualified surfcoach being in the water with you. We work with detailed instructions on what to improve in each sesssion. We work with a lot of surftheory in order for you to understand what the ocean is doing. And a lot more..


Another big plus is that our headcoach Angie speaks several languages, the coaching will be done in German, English or Spanish and is therefore even more intensive. No more language barriers!


Depending on your surfskill level, here are some of the things you gonna learn:

Boardhandling & Safety in the water

Awareness in & out of the water

Entering, surfing & leaving a surfspot safely

Correct positioning in the wave & line-up

Correct take-off, stance & wipe-out techniques

Timing in the wave

Correct paddling technique & confidence in paddling out

Learning how to read the wave

Frontside & Backside turns


How to correct yourself through video & photo analysis

Basic manoeuvres: bottom & top turn

Correct cutback technique

How to choose the right board for the right conditions

Advanced manoeuvres

Facing & overcoming your fears in the water

Surftrip Stories

You like how we coach? And you can see yourself boosting your surfing on one of our cool surftrips? But still not 100% convinced?


Then have a look at our #Tripnotes from past trips and surfadventures. Hope you wanna join us now 😉


What´s happening next?

Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.