Our Summer Stoke Week

Feel the island, feel the stoke, improve your surfing.

The Summer Stoke Week will take you around the waves in the North of Fuerteventura and improve your surfing, while you are busy enjoying the summer.

Daily surf coachings will be based on your skills and goals, as usual. We might add essential skills though, like duckdiving for example. However, this week will also focus on the island and its waves.

In the summer months there can be surfable waves on all of our three coasts (West, North and East) but you need to know where to be at what time & tide. The program of the Summer Stoke Week will make you familiar with the geopgraphy of the coastline and the bathymetry of Fuerteventura and the other Canary Islands.

On the first coaching day we will hike up a volcano to get an excellent view of the coastlines and make ourselves familiar with the alignment of the island.

While the theoretical part will be adapted to your skill level, it will concentrate on extensive wave science, wave analysis and interpretation of forecast tools. The methods you will learn, to analyse the coast & waves, will give you a huge headstart when surfing an unknown surfspot the next time.

Warm water temperatures will allow you to surf in shorty / boardshords / bikini and the sun will show her brightest smile. To top it all off, you will enjoy a delicious BBQ on the beach, getting lost in sunset colors and the sound of the waves. Summer Stoke at its best!

Be Curious. Be Stoked. Boost Your Surfing.

We will get your summer stoke & surf levels up within 7 days containing:

6 Surf Coachings (including video analysis)

Sunrise Volcano Hike

Extensive Wave Science & Wave Analysis

Intepretation of forecast tools

Essential surfing skills (duckdiving for example)

Surprise activity tailored to the coaching plan

Sunset Beach BBQ (vegan, vegetarian, fish or meat - you choose)

Video / photo footage of your week

Price: €885


What it takes for the Summer Stoke Week.

Basic Surf Level

Our Summer Stoke Week is designed for surfers who already have a basic surflevel. You should be able to nail your take-off and have already paddle out into the line-up.

Why do I need experience?

Because this week will make you fit in evaluating surfspots and being able to independently catch waves. Which an unexperienced surfer should never do.

Also because learning how to surf will make your brain overflow with loads of input, about your board, the ocean and yourself. Leaving little space for the flood of information we are going to hit you with.

If you are a beginner surfer, take advantage of our individual surfcoachings to learn the basics first.

Good Fitness Level & Endurance

Surfing 6 days in a row can be very challenging for an untrained body. For you to be able ot make the most of your Summer Stoke Week, we recommend you to train upfront. A good level of physical fitness and endurance will reward you with more waves and more time spend in the ocean.

A good physical condition will also prevent injuries and make you feel more secure in the ocean.

Any physical exercise is great but the best way to prepare for surfing is to go swimming (crawl). Yoga and pilates will increase your flexibility & mobility, both needed in the water.

If you can’t hold up with the daily coachings, you might end up with the feeling of not getting anywhere with your surfing  – or not as far as you expected. We want you to succeed during this week and thus, for maximum effect, recommend training before joining the Surf Coaching Week.

Motivation & Stoke Attitude

Congratulations, if you are reading this you are already motivated enough and want to improve your surfing!

We will assist you to keep this motivation going all throughout the week. Ups and downs are a natural part of the surfing journey. It is up to you how to deal with it.

Be sure that you can feed on our stoke attitude, taking your surfing serious but never forgetting what surfing is all about: fun.

Of course, we are there to support and  motivate you – and kick your ass when needed on a bad day. But your own mindset is as important as your physical health. The will to improve your surfing and work on it focused, for one entire week, will bring you forward in your surfing. We work on your motivation and pump it even more.

Wave Expectations

We as surfers are connected to the ocean and mother nature but we don’t control them. The ocean does what it wants, and we appreciate every single wave hitting our shore.

During summer here on Fuerte you will encounter any type of wave: wind swell, group swell, beach breaks, reef breaks.. It is all about being at the right place at the right time, surfing the right surfboard.

In order to have a great surfing experience you need to open up to surfing all sorts of waves: small, big, messy and windy. Lower your expectations if you are looking for a week of glassy waves in perfect conditions.

Challenge yourself to learn something new. How about duckdiving for example?


About your Surf Coach

My name is Angie Ringleb. I’ve been surf coaching for more than 10 years now. During this time, I taught plenty of surfers with various levels of skills, different ways of learning and unique struggles. I believe that one-on-one coaching is key to improve surfing in an effective way.

Keeping this in mind, I designed a professional coaching program, focusing on individual goals and performance abilities. Bundled in an intensive surf week with loads of stoke, the program aims on maximizing their performance enhancement. 

My Experience

  • ISA Level II Surf Coach
  • Certified Surf Judge
  • Qualified Lifeguard
  • ± 10 years of surf coaching experience
  • Fluent in English, German and Spanish

NOMB Surf Impressions

A little bit of summer stoke.