First time surfer? Stuck with your surfing? Or simply searching for epic waves? Then NOMB Surfs Private Coachings on Fuerteventura are just what you need!


We have no random groups. No 8-1 student-instructor ratio. No getting lost in the masses. It´s just you and your own surfcoach. A super efficient and fun way to improve your surfing, why not try this new style of the old school surfcamp?


NOMB Surf´s head surfcoach Angie Ringleb is a ISA Level II qualified surfcoach, and also a qualified lifeguard. She has many years of coaching experience and will boost your surfing through visual, direct and indirect coaching. Like on our surfcoaching trips, coaching can be done in German, English and Spanish.


Angie has been living and coaching of Fuerteventura for many years by now. She knows the waves and local conditions like her backyard, and will make sure to find the right spot & time for you.

Apart from direct in the water coaching we work with a lot of other coaching tools, too. Video analysis, understanding of the ocean environment, awareness, surftheory, surf fitness.. Just to name a few!


To round it all up we work with professional partners to offer Carver Skateboard sessions (on the street or in a bowl), Longboard sessions (on the street or in a halfpipe) and  Yoga!


Take your chance to develop and improve your surfing skills! Here are some of the things you gonna learn..


Let  your private surfcoach show you how to improve quickly

Boardhandling & Safety in the water

Awareness in & out of the water

Entering, surfing & leaving a surfspot safely

Correct positioning in the wave & line-up

Correct take-off, stance & wipe-out techniques

Timing in the wave

Correct paddling technique & confidence in paddling out

Learning how to read the wave

Frontside & Backside turns


How to correct yourself through video & photo analysis

Basic manoeuvres: bottom & top turn

Correct cutback technique

How to choose the right board for the right conditions

Advanced manoeuvres

Facing & overcoming your fears in the water

Next Private Coaching Season

Check dates & availability, and get to know Angie and the NOMB Surfteam worldwide

Head Surfcoach Angie

If your mind says you can do it, your body can.