That’s how NOMB Surf was born! For years, NOMB Surf founder Angie Ringleb has travelled around the world, exploring and surfing amazing waves, experiencing cultures and learning how to share all these with like-minded people!

After all those travels NOMB Surfheadcoach Angie has now settled down on Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Island. Angie uses her homebase to boosts her students surfing skills through individual Private Coachings. After years of coaching experience Angie knows the waves, the conditions and the secret spots like the back of her hand.

Taking time off (the island) now and again, Angie follows her wanderlust and organizes NOMB Surfcoaching Trips to incredible locations all over the globe. Supported by great and professional local teams!

Angie Ringleb
Surf headcoach Angie

The idea of NOMB Surfcoaching Trips is exciting and new: combining surftripping with professional surfcoaching, just like a mobile surfcamp. NOMB Surf is a professional surfschool, licensed by the Capitania de Puerto, Pichilemu, Chile!

NOMB Surf believes in the importance of sustainable tourism and actively encourages it: All NOMB Surfcoaching trips are as eco-friendly as possible, we only work with partners who share our believes, we participate in local events to give back to nature and the country.

We educate, incorporate and support the local communities and take the change into our own hands!


Angie Ringleb

Surfcoach & CEO

Sharon Minkewich

Yoga Instructor

  • Qualifications: in Hatha, Chikitsa, Vinyasa and Iyengar yoga
  • Languages: English, Spanish & Hebrew
  • Residency: Playa Ritoque, Chile



  • Qualifications: just a lot of fun to hang around with
  • Languages: cuddles, throwing sticks, doggy treats
  • Residency: on the beach

Julez Ten Pas

Physiotherapist & Chef

  • Qualifications: qualified physiotherapist and hobby chef for power & healthy foods
  • Languages: German, English & Spanish
  • Residency: Munich, Germany

Bastian Peters

Chef & Photographer

  • Qualifications: qualified chef, specialized in (very delicous) high quality food and vegan receipes
  • Languages: German, English & Spanish
  • Residency: Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain

Joel Brunhold

Snowboard Coach

  • Qualifications: certified snowboard coach – Avalanche training, freeride, boardercross..
  • Languages: Rhaeto-Romanic, German, English & Italian
  • Residency: Obersaxen, Switzerland

Melina Pérez Noriega

Surfguide & Coach

  • Qualifications: qualified surfoach (FCS Level1) and lifeguard
  • Languages: Spanish & English
  • Residency: Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Linda Schenker

Chef & Surfinstructor

  • Qualifications: good mood specialist 🙂 surf instructor, windsurf instructor, talented & experienced chef
  • Languages: Swiss German, German, English, Spanish & French
  • Residency: Swiss Alps & Fuerteventura

Emilio de Armas

Surfguide & Coach

  • Qualifications: qualified surfoach (FCS Level1) and lifeguard, qualified sports coach for outdoor sports
  • Languages: Spanish, Canario & English
  • Owner: It´s On Private Surfcoaching
  • Residency: Tenerife, Canary Islands

Lee Wood

Surfguide & Coach

  • Qualifications: qualified surfoach (ISA Level 2 and Surfing Australia Level 2), Acupunturist and Master Chemist
  • Languages: English & Portugues
  • Owner: Narosa Life Surfschool
  • Residency: D-Place, Ireland

Christian ´Greghu´Sidler

Health & motion coach

  • Qualifications: specific health & motion therapist, Z-health R-phase, Z-health I-phase
  • Languages: German, Swiss German, English
  • About Greghu: rugby player and coach, comic book lover
  • Residency: Luzern, Switzerland

Individually we are a drop, together we are an ocean

-Ryunosuke Satorq