GO GALICIA GO (Trip): May 2020

Courage doesn´t mean you don´t get afraid. Courage means you don´t let fear stop you.
- Bethany Hamilton

Welcome to our annual 14 days intensive surfcamp in beautiful Galicia. You really want to improve your surfing? But don´t want to worry about accommodation, food and transport? Leave all that up to us, all you need to do is surf – eat – sleep – repeat!


In a small group of max 6 surfers you will be coached individually. Even though we are in the water together you will have your own tasks and challenges. And is there any better way to improve than being cheered on in the water by your fellow tripmembers?


Based in a modern house in walking distance to our homebreak we will spend 14 days of daily surfcoaching and freesurf. Starting from our homebase we will set off to surf different beaches around Galicia, and maybe even the North of Portugal. That means maximum amount of watertime and loads of surfsessions for you to improve. Backed up with video analysis, surftheory and surfskate practice your surfing level will go through the roof.

Lonely surfer in Galicia

Ready to take your surfing to the next level?

GO GALICIA GO, 14 days of intensive surfcoaching


09/05 – 23/05/2020

Meeting point

Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

Surflevel & Type of trip

2-5 Wellen

Intensive Surfcamp


max.  6 ;
fully booked


1.690,- €

Be part of this intensive surfcoaching trip.
Challenge your body & emotions through 14 days of personalized surfcoaching.

#GoGaliciaGo: the facts

This intensive surfcoaching trip will boost your surfing to the next level (or two). Loads of watertime through daily coaching session and freesurf, supported by out of the water surftheory, video analysis and surfskate sessions.


We train within a group of max 6 surfers but every surfer will be coached individually. With it´s own goals, tasks and challenges. Our local guides make sure that we surf at empty line-ups, giving us the chance to take as many waves as possible.


Based in a cool house walking distance to our homebreak on the Westcoast of Galicia we set off to explore the region and surf wherever the conditions are the best. Campchef Linda will make sure you have your batteries recharged by spoiling you with delicious and nutritious breakfasts & dinners. 

Intensive Surfcamp: what does that mean

This trip will be run as an intensive surfcamp, with a max. of 6 surfers. The intensive surfcamps are our most intense surfcamp with 2 surfsessions per day. The surfcoaching session will need all your attention and concentration while the freesurf session gives you extrra repetitions, our just a lot of fun in the water.

This is trip is designed for surfers who really want to take their surfing to the next level. A lot of watertime is guaranteed but improving your surfing doesn´t only happen in the water. You will learn to finetune your mind to the ocean environment, to accept and embrace your emotions (i.e. frustration or fear) and to understand that surfing is a 360 degree thing and requires immediate reaction. Once you master these challenges you will be surprised how much your wavecount goes up.

The day to day

We are very lucky to once more count on experienced (and fun) campchef Linda on this trip. Linda will make sure that we start our days with a delicious power breakfast. She loves trying new ingredients and will definately surprise you with her breakfast ideas. She loves to share her recipes by the way. After breakfast we surf, surf, and surf. Depending on the surfspot we will take lunch with us or eat out somewhere, but that´s up to every tripmember as lunchhours and lunch amounts seem to vary a lot. We keep surfing or engaging in surfrelated activities until it´s time to sit down and enjoy a tasty dinner prepared by chef Linda. For those who want to enjoy Galicia´s stars it´s now time to head to the close by beach, or simply fall into bed from all the surfing. Next day – do it all over again!



The idea of our surfcoaching trips is to really improve your surfing. Daily surfcoaching, backed up with ocean knowlede, surf theory and video analysis will make sure that you advance with your surfing. Even though we surf as a group surf headcoach Angie will teach every surfer individually: assesssment of level of surfing, setting goals what to achieve during the trip, explaining drills and exercises, coaching in and outside the water, demonstrating and explaining.


Your coaches, surfguide & campchef

NOMB Surfcoach Angie is a ISA level II qualified surfcoach, a qualified lifesaver and has lots of years of coaching experience. Angie can coach in English, German and Spanish, you pick your language 😉 Angie and NOMB Surf have their homebase on Fuerteventura but she loves setting off to run the NOMB Surfcoaching trips around the globe.

Our local surfguides Ramon & Josh have been living and surfing in the area for most of their lives. And they are happy to share their waves. GoGaliciaGo will be the fourth year in a row that the NOMB Surfteam heads over to Galicia, we are looking forward to once more spend time and laughters with the crazy dudes from Ocean Squad Academy.

Campchef Lindis, a swiss born worldtraveller, is not only a born entertainer (and kicker champion) but also an amazing chef. She likes to try new ingredients and is always open for any type of special nutrition needs.


Fineprint: sustainable surftravel

Only a word to many people, for us at NOMB Surf an important issue. On all our trips we try to act as sustainable as possible. We recycle actively, work only with partners who share our believes and try to leave a positive footprint in the hosting community. Not only cultural but also economically. That´s why we always work with a local surfschool at our trip destination. We understand that getting to Galicia takes a long time if you don´t fly but encourage you to do so. In addition commit to set off the carbon footprint caused by our participating surfers, by supporting an environmental programm. Beachcleanings and environmental respect are common on our trips and we are happy if you want to join us in being the change you want to see.


Are you up for boosting your surfing on this intensive surfcamp?? Get in touch asap.

Sea you soon in Galicia!
Angie & the NOMB Surfteam

PS: not sure if an intensive surfcamp is for you? Or curious about what Galicia looks like? Check out the tripnotes of our last intensive surfcamp #GaliciaGalaxy or simply get in touch.

Any questions?

You are not really sure if the trip is suitable for you? You would like some more information? Or maybe you want to get to know surf headcoach Angie first and check out if you approve of her idea of surfcoaching?

Send us an email with your questions and we will get in touch with you asap!

By the way, if you prefer to talk to us in person simply let us know! We can talk via Skype, Whats App, Phone, Facebook Messenger, or whichever way you prefer.