GHANARAMA (Trip): September 2019

Humans, not places, make memories..

- Ama Ata Aidoo

Surfing in Ghana? You probably haven´t heard much about Ghana´s waves and coastline. Have you heard about Ghana at all? Where abouts is it? Pretty much in the middle of our planet, being really close to the equator and the 0 degrees longitude line. Which continent? Africa, yeah.


GHANARAMA takes you on a 14 days adventure surftrip around this lush and impressive country on Africa´s atlantic coast. Based in a little beachtown we will explore Ghana´s waves and indulge in the country´s history.


NOMB Surf adventure surftrips are designed for you to boost your surfing (through daily surfcoaching), explore new destinations & cultures and step out of your comfortzone and right into a real surfing adventure. 


Great surfing in Ghana, warm water


07/09 – 21/09/2019


Meeting Point

Accra (Ghana)


Type of Trip

Adventure Surftrip


Wave Rating

2-4 Waves


Angie (Surfcoach) & local surfguide





max. 6 (free spaces: 0)


14 days of surfcoaching trip to beautiful Ghana

This is the first ever NOMB Surftrip to the African continent. And we could not have picked a better destination. Ghana, once known as the Gold Coast of Africa due to it´s richness in gold, is a beautiful lush country in the middle of Africa. Being located so close to the equator the climate can´t really get much more tropical. Always wanted to surf in bikini or boardshorts?


Time for you to join us on GHANARAMA, surftripping along Ghana´s coast!


14 days of surfing in warm water, surrounded by tropical countryside and african flair. Our homebase will be a cool eco-lodge right at the end of a beautiful beach. Right on the beach means there are waves on our doorstep. A friendly beachbreak plus 2 pointbreaks in walking distance. Waking up and running straight into the waves, can´t wait!


Apart from surfing the waves right in front of our homebase we will be travelling along the coast and surf a lot of different surfbreaks. It´s a surftrip after all 😉 We are super lucky to count on local a surfguide to take us to amazing hidden beaches and shares his waves with us. Legend!


This trip will be run as an Adventure Surftrip with a maximum of 6 surfers. The idea is to really boost your surfskills while surfing different waves and having a hell of an adventure. Surf headcoach Angie speaks German, English and Spanish, coaching can be done in any of those three languages. Our local guides speak English, no worries about communication issues.

On our adventure surftrips there are no typical days. We flow depending on the local conditions. However, we always start our day with a delicious power breakfast, surf locally or surftrip along the coast, learn through surftheory/video analysis, and end our day with a mouthwatering local dinner. Fancy a BBQ on the beach watching the stars?


 Depending on the local conditions and the group participants we will also include a layday or two. But don´t worry, you won´t be getting bored. For those who don´t wanna chill on the layday we will have some exciting activities planned. How about a canopy walk through the jungle or some snorkelling on a deserted beach?


NOMB Surf´s adventure surftrips are made for adventurous surfers who are willing to step out of their comfort zone. Travelling to Africa can be challenging for some, be prepared to be confronted with a totally different culture.

Stepping out of your comfortzone will however reward you with incredible experiences, personal and cultural interactions. You will meet amazing people from a totally different background who share the same passion. You will open your mind to other smells, food, music, landscape, people and customs, blowing your vision of our planet!


We here at NOMB Surf encourage and actively practise sustainable tourism. We believe that we as surf tourists can have a positive impact on a local community: sociocultural, environmentally and economically. Being part of GHANARAMA you will learn about the opportunities & responsibilities of a surftraveller, about the basics of sustainable tourism, about environmental awareness and action. And a lot about Ghana of course.



Ready for GHANARAMA and your surfadventure of a lifetime? Get in touch to secure your surfspot.



Sea you soon in Ghana!!


Ps: It´s been a while since we ran an adventure surftrip. Check out the #tripnotes from our last one in 2016, EXPEDITION NORTH (Chile).