Surf Holiday in Lanzarote from 11 - 18th September 2021


Warm Water Surf Holiday
11. – 18.09.2021

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Update on Covid-19 related Cancelations for Coachings and Trips taking part after 31st July, 2020


A) Through NOMB Surf

The Covid-19 pandemic is restricting traveling around the world. We take this into account and are only following through with our trips to different destinations and coachings on Fuerteventura when there’s no active travel warning and it feels safe to go.

We follow WHO (World Health Organisation) to stay up to date on the development of COVID-19 pandemic. If there’s legal restrictions or any safety or operational issues, we may cancel your booking. If this is to happen, we will inform you in time via e-mail or telephone. 

You will then have the option to use your paid amount and transfer it to reserve your spot on a later NOMB Surf Trip, receive a voucher over the full amount or get a full refund.

NOMB Surf is not responsible for the costs of any other travel arrangements affected due to our cancellations or rescheduling of any trip departure. We recommend waiting 30 days before the beginning of your surf trip to book your travel arrangements.

B) Through the participant

We understand that travel plans will be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you decide to travel and take part in our surf coachings & trips or not, we also know that some participants might be affected by government regulations (restrictions, quarantine, other).

If you wish to cancel your trip due to COVID-10 concerning Trips taking part after July 31st, 2020, you can cancel your booking with any reason up to 30 days before the departure date to receive a full refund, postpone your coaching on Fuerteventura to another date, use your payment to reserve your spot on another trip or receive a voucher of the full amount.

After that, our regular cancelation terms apply.

Booking Policy



You can book a surf coaching or surf trip through the forms on our website, via email or phone. We will then send you a booking confirmation via email which is binding.

For participants under 18 years of age, the consent and signature of the legal representative or an authorised person is required.


Surf Coaching

With the written confirmation by NOMB Surf, a deposit of 30% is due to secure your reservation.
The rest of the balance is due on the day of the coaching.

Surf Trip

With the written confirmation by NOMB Surf, a deposit of 30% is due to secure your reservation.

For trips inside the EU, the rest of the balance is due 60 days before departure.

For trips outside the EU, the balance is due 120 days before the departure.

Cancelation by participants

You can withdraw from a booked trip or from surf coachings at any time before the start of it by phone or e-mail.

In the event of withdrawal, cancelation charges are applicable as follow:

  • up to the 31st day before arrival: 30%
  • up to 15th day before arrival: 50%.
  • until 08th day before arrival: 80%.
  • 24 hours before the trip or surf coaching 100%

While we love the relaxation of the surf community and try to react as flexible and fair as possible when cancelations apply, we still need to handle cancelations like other serious business. A cancelation affects our budget and earnings for a living, especially as a small business. When you book a spot (be it on a trip or a coaching), this is not available for someone else who might have booked otherwise.

On surf trips it also affects our business partners which are small local surf schools, self-employed surf coaches and local lessors.

For surf trips, we book and pay the majority of our services and accommodations months before departure. As cancelation fees apply there as well, we won’t get a full refund.

We highly suggest to get travel insurance that covers unforseen cases such as loss of employment, injury prior trip or natural disaster. 

Thank you for understanding!


Cancelation by NOMB Surf

A)  Due to extraordinary circumstances:

We might cancel a trip or coaching due to force majeure, natural phenomena, other unforeseeable circumstances or unreasonable risks for the participant.

If this is the case, we will inform you in advance via e-mail or phone.

For the surf coachings on Fuerteventura, you will get a full refund, change the date or receive a voucher, no matter the date.

For the surf coaching trips, we can’t offer a full refund as this does not only concern NOMB Surf, but also our service partners. The two following options apply:

  • Until 60 days in advance, you can choose to get either a full refund, use your made payment to reserve a spot on another trip or get a voucher.
  • From 59 days on, you will receive a refund covering the funds that have not yet been sent to accommodation & service providers. Depending on the trip, our partners might not offer monetary refunds or credits for a future trip. Therefore we can not guarantee complete monetary refunds in circumstances that a force majeure causes the cancelation of your surf coaching trip. 


B) Due to illness or accident:

When a surf coach or trip operator can’t work in case of an accident or serious illness or other grave incidents, we will try to find a qualified substitute.

Should this not succeed, we might cancel the coaching or the trip.

For the surf coachings, we will try to offer you an alternative date. If this doesn’t work for you, you will get a full refund.

For the surf trips the same regulations apply as for force majeure (see above). 

Entry of country: Passports, IDs and Visa

It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that they have s necessary valid ID or passport. The same applies for visa if necessary. We will inform you before the trip if you need any visa or of other entry regulations and are happy to provide information on how to achieve those. If you, however, fail to meet the regulations to enter a country, it is not NOMB Surf’s responsibility.