Surfer dogs – why we all should have one 😆

Surfer dogs – why we all should have one 😆


Every surfer should have a dog


Oooouuuhhhh these cuuteee little dogs! We just love them soo much.. That’s why here at NOM Surf we also have dog as part of our surfteam:  meet Rainbow. That´s her up there wavechecking in Portugal.

Not really into dogs? Well, we have some pretty good reasons for you why every surfer should have a dog:

Best excuse to check the waves

Especially if your partner is not surfing, he/she probably won’t understand the driving around and checking the wave sthing. He or she might complain that you are always out to look for waves and never have time for him or for her. But you know what, by having a dog you can just say that you have to take the dog for a walk and go and check the waves. Best case scenario is obviously if your partner joins you for the walk, and if there are waves, you can just jump in right away and your partner will take care of your little cutie while you’re surfing the waves of your life 😛

You will be spending more time outside in the fresh air

Yes right, cause your dog prefers being outside than inside a house. And the best thing about that, you will have to do more BBQs at the beach, where your dog can also enjoy being outside and running around (just make sure the food is safe). And all of your friends will be thanking you for these frequent after surf sit togethers 🙂

You will get the best morning surfs

Your dog will have to get out the first thing early in the morning, so if you haven’t been a morning person, you’ll be it from now on. But do you know what’s the good thing about it? You will have awesome morning surf sessions ! Less wind, alone in the water, amazing colors and so on. Yeesss and that’s all thanks to your little cute doggy, cause he made you to go out in the morning and start your day right – with a nice walk and a good surf =)

You have your partner in crime

We all know these days, when we might be a little lazy and not tooooo motivated, but actually we wanna do something, just don’t find the right motivation to leave our comfy house or bed… Well there’s your motivation: your dog! Cause your day will be better if you just go out and enjoy life, rather than spending it at home doing nothing. And if you even go in the water, you’ll definitely see another happy (dog)face when you come out again =)

Small waves – no problem

When we normally (not all of us) would complain about smaller waves or even no waves, no problem with your dog! Cause you can go in the water anyway and take the chance to teach your little cutie the first steps of surfing. What’s better than having fun in the water and enjoying the ocean with your dog?

Your secret surf spots stays your secret surf spot

The struggle about secret surf spots – we all might know this one. Cause you want to share your stoke with your friends but on the other side you want to keep your secret surf spot a secret surf spot – well guys it’s pretty easy, share it with your dog! Take your dog to surf with you and you’ll have the one that shares the stoke with you. Best is, he won’t tell anyone about your newest favorite surf spot – promise 😛

Kill two birds with one stone

Of course we don’t mean that literally, but it’s true! If you are a surfer and have a dog, you can combine two of the best things in the world – and in the end you will have a happy dog, cause he is always outside with you, hiding with your friends, annoying you because he wants to play or just in the cuddle mood – the important thing is you will give your dog all the attention that he needs. Secondly you will be happy – cause like mentioned above, you’ll be more outside, be the first on the beach and enjoy your surf even more when you know your dog is happy to be outside as well =)


Well guys, of course everyone should have a dog and we just gave you some good reasons to have a surf dog, but you should also consider a few things before you decide to get a dog (again).


Where can your dog be while you are in the water?

Can you leave him in the car (window open of course) when it’s not too hot?

Make sure there will always be fresh water! Or will you surf on a surf spot where your (well-trained) dog can just run around free while you are in the water? Would be the best of course 🙂

Maybe you also have some surfing or non surfing friends or a partner who joins you to the beach and take care of your dog while you’re surfing 🙂
Anyway always make sure your having sun shades for the windows of your car and enough fresh air!

And also consider that you have someone who can take care of your dog when you are going to a surf trip where you can’t take your cutie with you – we are pretty sure you’ll have enough dog-loving friends around you =)


Sharing magical moments with your dog will always be special. Weather you are a surfer or not. We don´t call them men´s best friends for nothing, right?? Here is to all the beautiful doggies out there. Let´s protect and love them, they can´t speak up for themselves. NOMB Surfdog Rains will welcome you during our  surfcoachings on Fuerteventura and sometimes even on our surfcoaching trips.

Are you in love with Rains yet?? We definately are!!


NOMB Surfdog Rainbow frequently joins the surfcoachings and trips


Sea you in the water soon!



We are NOMB Surf, and this is what we represent..

We are NOMB Surf, and this is what we represent..

Nature – Ocean – Mind – Body, short NOMB Surf.

The love and respect for these four elements is what brings the NOMB Surfteam together. Surfers, coaches, campchefs, backoffice chicas. We all love to surf, and everything that comes with it! 

In hectic times like today we here at NOMB Surf are trying to not only teach you how to surf but also how to find your own balance between these vital elements. If you are in ease with nature, the ocean, your mind and your body, imagine the waves you are able to ride. And imagine how balanced you could be in your personal and working life, too!

During our private surfcoachings on Fuerteventura as well as during our surfcoaching trips to fantastic destinations, we are always trying to pass on the idea behind NOMB Surf. 

Environmental awareness is homework for everyone of us, so is marine conservation. We all can do our little part in looking after mother earth. Not sure how to? Let us help you. And how about our mind? Do we know how to understand and control our emotions? But how about ourselves? How do we treat our bodies with our everyday lifestyle? Do we give them enough attention?

Now, how is all this related to surfing you ask? Is it really relevant? The answer is yes, and here are a few example why and how we are aiming for a balance of Nature-Ocean-Mind-Body..

The ocean is part of mother earth, we loove being outdoors in the nature!

1. We as surfers looove to be outside. Mostly in the water but living a surfer lifestyle also gets us to appreciate the rest of mother nature around us. How about a hike in between surfs to relax our paddle muscles? Like the NOMB Surfteam did in stunning Galicia, hiking along parts of the St. Jacobs way on a layday.

Getting lost in the ocean and nature makes us surfers understand the importance of protecting the fragile ecosystems surrounding us. What impact do we have as surfers? And how can we help to protect our oceans, minimize our ecological footprints and help to pass on the knowledge? Whenever we can, during our coachings and surftrips, the NOMB Surfteam is trying actively to create awareness and encourage getting involved.

Understanding the ocean will get you stoked

2. Imagine being on top of a hill on a mountain bike, looking for your line down, ready to cruise around trees and little obstacles. You are reading nature around you without knowing it. Well, the same applies to surfing.

If you are aware of what the ocean is doing and are understanding the constant changes, your wavecount gets really high and you can get the most out of a wave. Time to get stoked 😉

We teach you about the ocean environment, about how to read the ocean, about how to anticipate what´s gonna happen next. Either during our private surfcoachings on Fuerteventura or on our surftrips, ocean awareness is an important topic, from beginner to advanced surfskill level!

On a NOMB Surfcoaching trip yoga lessons are on offer, how about on the beach?

3. How does your mind influence your surfing? Joy, fear, frustration.. Lots of emotions our mind has to handle. But how to deal with them? We are no psychologists but we can show you some easy tricks for how to acknowledge, accept and handle your emotions. And even turn negative into positive ones. Our favourite saying: ´If your mind thinks you can do it, your body can!´

On our surfcoaching trips in addition we offer yoga lessons, to give you that little bit time in the day to wind down and treat your mind to some well deserved resting time. How about listening to the sound of the waves at the same time?

Be surffit and surf longer. Your body is like a machine, fuel it right.

Our body is like a high functional machine. The better you fuel it, the better it runs. Leaving nutrition being a very big part of how you perform day by day. On our surfcoaching trips our campchefs treat the surfteam with delicious but carefully selected meals. High quality ingredients, local and natural products, a nutrition plan for high performing surfers. We are always happy to help you try new ways of diets to get the best out of your body.

Being surffit is another way to understand and balance our bodies. Being surffit does not only mean you can surf for hours. It also means preparing yourself physically through specific training, including explosive power, flexibility, endurance and mobility. If you get your body surffit not only can you surf longer and more explosively, it also gives your more confidence for battling through challenging conditions in the ocean.

You see, NOMB Surf is not only about teaching you how to surf or improve your skills. It´s also about trying to pass on everything that comes with an active surfing lifestyle. Our name represents what we believe in. 

We are excited to invite you to join us and let us pass on our experience. Hope to sea you in the water soon!


Top 3: Sustainable Xmas gifts

Top 3: Sustainable Xmas gifts

Looking for a more sustainable Xmas gift? Here is our top 3 list


Everyone is talking about sustainability these days. It really is a topic that should concern all of us. However we all realize that it can be hard work to live more environmentaly friendy in general, so what can we as surfers do to minize our ecological footprint?

Our surfboards and wetsuits are not really environmental friendly, plus we also want to travel a lot to surf the best waves on this planet. But yes, especially we as surfers can and should do a few things to live and surf more sustainable!

We surfers want to protect our environment even more because we are one with nature while practicing our favorite sport. Therefore we are even closer to the ocean and understand the importance of environmental and cultural consciousness. We think more about protecting our nature while we do what we love! We can`t change the entire world, but each of us can do a few little things to make this earth and surfing a little bit more sustainable!

Living the slogan “buy local” for example will help to act more sustainable. Yeesssss living environmental conscious is not only about protecting nature, if you buy local things you can support the local community and meanwhile reduce the ecological footprint =))

Especially in the surfing community you will find people who try to make the world a better place – the hippie lifestyle will always be with us 😛 Pretty sure there will always be people who join your next beach clean. Check out the 2015 NOMB Surfcrew helping a local group to clean up the beautiful beach of Buchupureo, Chile. Legends!


The NOMB Surfteam joining a local group to clean the beaches in Buchupureo, Chile


Well guys, enough about sustainablity, let´s talk about christmas.

One more week to go and you still don’t have ideas about presents for your best surfer mates? Don’t worry, we have a few ideas for you.  These little things are essentials for surfing and surfers (cause nobody wants to get presents they don’t like and need) and also ecological! If you can’t buy them before Christimas: don’t worry, that are things you and your surfing friends will always need 😉Here is our top 3 of sustainable Xm as presents:

1. Organic surf wax from Others

others organic wax


We all love the sticky thing called wax. We don’t wanna fall out of a wave because of having not enough wax on our surfboard. However, it is a fact, that our lovely sticky thing normally contains paraffins and mineral oils – really not the best thing for our environment. We are sure you love the ocean but also want to put wax on your surfboard. So isn’t it possible to manufacture a wax that is less contaminating and still sticky enough that we won’t slip? Yes it is! By now, there are a lot of suppliers who offer organic wax for surfing, but we especially love the one from Others! Surf headcoach Angie checked it out on the last Ireland surf trip and is totally excited about it.

´It´s like surfing in a pine forest. The smell is incredible and hell, that stuff sticks. It comes in a cool tin and you really only need to put a little bit on your board, making it even more environmental friendly. I am totally in love with it.´


Unlike other kind of wax, this one doesn’t contains paraffins or mineral oils – it is completely organic, free of any chemicals, biodegradable and handmade. The pine resin used is taken from Irish forests, and when they a add a dash (or more 😉 ) of beeswax: Eeett vooilaaa, there you have the perfect organic wax for surfing that also provides you enough grip on your surfboard. And it smells sooo good… =)

You can find this wax for cold and super cold water (brrrrrr) but guys, please email them and say that we also need a warm water formula for the warm canarian waters;)


2. Ánima – T-shirts made of organic cotton


anima women's surf wearWhy T-Shirts? Beacause we can’t be naked all day long, super simple 😛 We love H&M and Zara for their cheap shirts and also the common boardsport brands, but are there maybe some more sustainable brands? Yeessss and we would love to introduce you ànima women’s surf style today!

They only use organic cotton for their shirts and products. Esperanza and Niki, who founded the company, chose to just provide and manufacture organic products. Both of them are surfers and with their love to the ocean and the environment they also want to spread more environmental friendly products and fair trade into this world.  The cotton they use for the shirts is also certificated by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). And the T-shirts are reeeaallllyyy cozy =) They also use botanicla fibers from an austrian company, producing really soft fabrics. The ladies are based on Gran Canaria, our neighbour island but they ship worldwide. You should definitely have a look at their great clothes!


3. Wiemeer – ponchos and headbands



The ponchos from Wiemeer are too a super nice christmas gift. Who doesn’t want to feel cozy and comfortable after a surf session?! Nothing better than to snuggel up in a stylish and soft surfponcho.

The cotton to produce the Wiemeer headbands is consisting of organic rainbow cotton which is 100% ecologic. The production is environmentally friendly and sustainable. This cotton is also GOTS certificated. Founders of wiemeer are Annika and Nadine. Those to surf and nature loving ladies had the idea of Wiemeer for a while in their heads and now finally they got their own label. They manufacture on request in Fuerteventura (Nadine) and in Austria (Annika). Well you should definitely have a look at their website and instagram page (just click on the pic) and get your self some cozy and environmental conscious surf accesoires =)



Of course there are many many other things you can choose as Christmas gifts for your surfing friends. The top 3 ones however are our all time favourites. Why? Because they are made by great humans with the incredible intention to make this planet a better place!!

Have a great Xmas time and don´t forget, giving a smile to a random person can be the best Xmas gift ever!


Sea you in the water soon!


Driftwood Art – a bit of ocean for your house

Driftwood Art – a bit of ocean for your house

Homemade driftwood art

There are many landlocked surfers out there, being trapped in a ´normal life´, daydreaming themselves to the closest ocean. Not always easy done with the winter approaching mainland Europe. So how to get some vitamin sea into your own walls?? The answer is really easy: DRIFTWOOD ART!


We all have picked up a random piece of wood on a beach, smuggled it through customs and took it home. Just to later forget about it. But now that you are longing for some waves and sunshine, why not take it out and turn it into your own piece of art for your house??


Let us present you three different pieces of driftwood art. Easy, cheap and quickly done at home. Driftwood art number one is the above painted flat piece of driftwood, painted by NOMB Surfs campchef Lindis Schenker. Linda used basic acrylic paint to turn this piece of plain wood into a beautiful painting. Fair enough, you will need a bit of talent to make it look that great but a plain palmtree and a wave will already do the trick, and look great on your kitchen wall.


Driftwood art number two is made of a simple piece of wood found on the northshore of Fuerteventura, and a dead sea urchin. Found at the same place, one day later. Sea urchins are not uncommon to find on the island but it is really rare that they are washed on shore containing all their spikes. Giving it a deep purple colour. NOMB headcoach Angie couldn´t resist but turn it into something to put up on her wall. Inspired by Pinterest Angie bought a chalk color spray to create a vintage look. After she had placed the sea urchin on the wood it struck her like a lightning: a true ocean lover she had found there. The result is pretty cool we reckon..


Driftwood vintage style with sea urchin


Not really into painting and all that creative stuff?? Then check out driftwood art number three: a photo hanger. All you need is:

  • your favourite holiday photo (of you surfing or a beach for example)
  • a longish piece of driftwood
  • 2 nails
  • 1m of jute string
  • some little wooden clips


Bang the nails into the end of the wood (on the flat site) and connect them with a piece of the string. Make sure the string sits really tight. Now take the remaining string and connect both ends and tie a not in the middle, leaving a little loop on the top. Last but not least take your ocean photo and clip it onto the tight string between the nails. Done. Doesn´t it look amazing??


Photo hanger driftwood


There are loads of places that sell cool driftwood stuff as well. Most of them however are produced by machines, missing out at bit on the whole ocean connection. Check out websites like for example, they offer great handmade items. That´s in case you aren´t inspired by our three homemade pieces of driftwood art and opt for a buying alternative. Either way, we hope that a beautiful piece of driftwood will brighten up your house and give you a bit of the surfer feeling you might be missing. We are sending you some sunshine on top of that!


Sea you in the water soon!



Individual Surfcoaching on Fuerteventura, yeah!!

Individual Surfcoaching on Fuerteventura, yeah!!



That´s right, great news!! From now until the end of April next year NOMB Surfs headcoach Angie will be hanging around the surfing headquarters on our favorite island in the Atlantic. And making sure that YOU boost your surfing, gain confidence and surf waves you didn´t even know you could!


So what´s all this individual coaching about?? What makes NOMB Surfcoachings so different to a normal surfschool??

The answer is simple: it´s just you and your own surfcoach. The focus is on you, noone else. There are no random groups, no 8:1 student-instructor ratio, no rushing around. We generally only accept one coaching per day, giving us all the freedom to choose just the right time and spot for our coaching session.


But there are even more reasons that make NOMB Surf so unique:

  •  NOMB Surfcoaching is not only about direct coaching in the water, commenting every single of your waves. Here at NOMB Surf we work with a lot of different coaching techniques, direct and indirect. Photo & Video analysis are a big part of what we do for example. You will be surprised how much you improve your surfing if you see yourself recorded. Sure, it´s a bit of a reality check first but wait until you see your improvements in the water.


  • We also back up the practical coaching part on the beach with surftheory sessions. Totally individual, tailored for you. Like every wave, every surfer is different. Our headcoach Angie is an expert in analyzing your surfskill level, tickling out those hidden fears & worries and guiding you on the way to progress your surfing.


  • As we only have one coaching session a day there is no need for rushing around. You are on holidays still. Our coaching sessions have no set time limit. Your physical abilities and the local conditions will determine the actual time on the beach. But hey, no worries, so far none of our students has felt undercoached 😉 Often we split the session into two parts, the beach and the theory part. But again, it´s all individual here at NOMB Surf.


  • German, English or Spanish, you can choose the language you prefer. We understand how important it is to express yourself , your doubts and even fears when learning how to surf. Headcoach Angie is fluent in all three languages and used to coach three-lingual. Like on our surfcoaching trips our clients are international, however the German surfercommunity prevails.


  • A female surfcoach! With years of coaching experience! ISA Level 2 qualified! That´s rather hard to find as not too many females coaches stand out in a still male dominated sport. However, with equal prize money on the WSL competions starting next year the sport of surfing will see more and more females following the surfing career path. Either as a professional surfer, or even coach. Back to our female coach Angie. Many female surfers, especially beginner surfer, feel more at ease with a female coach. Angie is very emphatic with the concerns of female surfers. On the other hand though, she has a fierce reputation, some do even call her drillseargent 🙂



We here at NOMB Surf understand that every surfer, first day beginner to advanced, has different needs and expectations. Some prefer to surf as part of a group, some only want to give surfing a shot to see if they like it, some are looking for a mix of party and surfing.. That´s cool, too. There are loooads of surfschools and surfcamps here on Fuerteventura who offer exactly this kind of environments.

At NOMB Surf we have a slightly different but clear focus: individual, professional, efficient and fun surfcoaching!


Sounds good to you? We are stoked to get you into the water and onto the surfboard!

Get in touch for availability & prices!


Sea you in the water soon!

Your NOMB Surfteam


Ps: check out this little video about our last family surfcoaching day. First day surfing (well, sort of) for all three cousins. And yeaaaah, at the end of the day they all surfed whitewater waves all the way down to the beach!!! Clap your hands for our Kamikaze Family!!


Environmental consciousness – a surfers responsibility?

Environmental consciousness – a surfers responsibility?

Floating in the open ocean, watching the sun slowly set right next to you, touching the surface of the water. Listening to the breaking waves and feeling the energy of this magical hour. Who doesn´t love this feeling?? Moments like these make you feel that there is no evil in the world, noone or nothing can be harmed, you feel in peace with yourself and mother nature around you.

Look at this magical sunset we experienced on the westcoast of Galicia. Breathtaking, right?

We as surfers spend a large amount of our lives in the ocean. The rest of our time is probably divided by our job (maybe even outdoors) and spending time with our family and loved ones. Most of you know how easily surfing becomes a way of life, and how lucky those of us can be who live a life filled with loads of surftime. Being in touch with nature is a great thing. Nature in general teaches us a lot: it makes us more aware of smells, colours and changes. Being aware is the keyword.

So what responsibilities do we as surfers have towards mother nature?? Only loving and appreciating her? Protecting her? Or even fighting for her?? We here at NOMB Surf have spend many, many hours talking, discussing and crying about the environmental problems of our planet. And we all agree that it is up to all of us to help our planet and oceans. At NOMB Surf we do our little bit by making our surfcoaching trips as sustainable as possible. This includes educating on both ends, helping the local communities, only working with partners who share our believes, cleaning beaches, supporting environmental NGOs and generally being aware of what is going on around us.

That´s the NOMB Surfcrew on our first surftrip to Chile helping clean the beautiful beach of Buchupureo, an incredible pointbreak in the south of the country. The local environmental group ´TODOS SOMOS COBQUECURA´ is trying to defend their coastline against the pollution and installation of a salmon factory. It´s a long battle against the regional and national governments but the local chilean community is tough and stands up for their ocean. Heroes!

So what else can we do?? Again, awareness seems to be a good starting point. How can I minimize my environmental footprint? And can we, as individual surfers, really make a difference? The answer is YES! Here are a few ideas on how to help mother nature:

  • Reduce your plastic consumption in everyday life and start looking for alternatives
  • Pick up trash, wherever you go!
  • Recycle &  reuse! Even your old wetsuit or surfboard might be of use for someone else. Check charities like POSITIVE VIBE WARRIORS
  • Get involved! Local beach, park or river clean-ups. Check with your local government for events close to you
  • Keep up with the surfindusty news about alternative and more sustainable products


Small example, have you ever thought about the fact that the sunscreen you use while surfing will eventually end up in the ocean and pollute?? There are sooo many great environmental friendly options out there, find one that fits your needs. We here at NOMB Surf have teamed up with the great crew from SUNTRIBE SUNSCREEN. A bunch of young Swedish surfers who were looking for an environmental friendly zinc sunscreen. We have tested Suntribes Eco Sportsface Zink in the sunny Canary Island conditions, our verdict: EXCELLENT!

You still think that being ecological is a bit odd and a hippy thing?? Come on, wake up! We don´t need to tell you that climate change is happening, our planet shows us by screaming out every single day. Even though governments want to ignore it (for whatever reasons that might be) we should not close our eyes and keep ignoring the fact that it is up to every single one of us to make a positive change.

You still think that being ecological means being odd, alternative and annoying? Well, there might be a bit of a trendy movement going on right now, with a few people exaggerating but the essence is the same.  For example, have you thought about what you wear? Where your clothes are coming from? What they are made off? Once you have a look around you will be surprise how many locally produced products are available. Take the CLEAN OCEAN PROJECT for example. A  small company located on Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands. Not only do they fight ocean pollution and raise awareness, they offer really cool clothes made in Spain. Check out their webite!

Taking about using alternative and organic materials. How about hemp for example? Take a loot at HEMP AGE, a German fair trade company which is using hemp and organic cotton to create comfortable and stylish clothing.

Still not convinced that ecological clothing can look great?? Than check out our Lovely Linda wearing a JOSEA Bikini made out of recycled fishing nets, produced locally in Germany. Would you have guessed?? On their website you can find a wide range of bikini styles and even yoga gear.

These are only a few examples on how to help our environment, and our oceans. Every single one of us, especially us surfers, decides to which extend he/she likes to get involved. The options are endless.

Ever heard of SAVE THE WAVES, SURFRIDER FOUNDATION or  SURFERS AGAINST SEWAGE?? Just to name a few great organizations who fight for our oceans. Even if it might seem like the most boring option of getting involved, donating to the right charity will make a difference.

Or maybe even support individual campaigns. On Kickstarter or Crowdfunding you can find very cool projects and help them become reality. Let us introduce you to one that we here at NOMB Surf back, and hope that it will become alive: 100 DAYS OF OCEAN – Heroes of the sea! ´A documentary project about the problems of our oceans and the positive impact of those people who could be our guiding lights on our way to solve them.´ We are stoked to see people getting involved and would love to follow their stories. The Kickstarter campaign for 100 DAYS OF OCEAN will only run until the end of February 2018, please donate if you too want to learn more about the heroes of the sea!

NOMB Surf represents NATURE – OCEAN – MIND – BODY. We believe that in order to live (and surf) happily & healthy these four pillars have to be in balance. While our minds and bodies are our personal treasures, nature and the oceans need our help and are part of our responsibilities as surfers.

We would be stoked if this blog makes some of  you think about your own awareness and engagement, and gives you positive ideas about how to get more involved in the conservation of mother nature. We are looking forward to your feedback and ideas, please get in touch.


Sea you in the water soon!

Your NOMB Surfteam