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One month surfing (and schabernacking) in Galicia: our #Tripnotes

One month surfing (and schabernacking) in Galicia: our #Tripnotes

Galicia – famous for it´s great seafood and loads of rain. That´s what most people say when they are asked about the most westerly Spanish region. What most people don´t know is that Galicia and it´s people are simply amazing, that there is an unlimited amount of incredible waves, and that it doesn´t really rain that much (at least in spring).

So every May we hop over to the Spanish mainland. Based in a small pueblo (village) on the not so well known westcoast, we surf and explore Galicia. This has been our 4th time over there, and still we managed to surf a couple of surfspots we hadn´t surfed before. What a treat!!

Our surfguides, the trips and travelling in COVID-19 times

As usual, our local surfguides, Ramon and Josh from the OceanSquadSurfAcademy, treated us like we were family. Not even did Ramon find the best surfspots for us on a daily basis, he also looked after us. Sorting out all sorts of little problems and wishes we might have. What a legend!! This is Ramon, doing what he loves to do most!

This year we ran two different surfcamps. Both were intensive surfcamps, including daily surfcoaching and also freesurf sessions. Loads of watertime, epic, right? Plus the usual surf theory, video analysis, carver session, breathing workshop and so much more..

As travelling within Europe was still a bit bumby last month, the camps were a bit more individual than normal. Generally we travel with a max of six surfers, this year we travelled with only three. Plus headcoach Angie, security dog Rainbow and a super chef of course. Respect (and a big thanks) to all the NOMB Surfers who made it to Galicia, during times where travel warnings, quarantines and local restrictions were in place, and changed on a daily basis.

In order to travel safely with COVID-19 floating around we implemented a safety & emergency protocol. All participants, plus the coaches, arrived with a negative test. Daily body temperature checks, frequent self testing and reducing other contacts to outdoor spaces made it possible to run both camps without any problems.

Intensive surfcamp #1: GALICIANDO

Camp number one were two weeks of surfing fun. Don´t believe it? Than see for yourself!

NOMB Surfers Annette, Milena and Tobi made it all the way down to Galicia, so did super chef Miri. Surfcoach Angie and Rainbow had already arrived a few days earlier, preparing the house and setting up the necessary sanitary precaucions. Ready to surf!

Mother nature treated us with a bit of the obligatory rain at the beginning. But rain generally means wind, and wind generally means waves. And as long as there were waves, everyone was happy.

Other than in previous years, we surfed a lot at the beaches right outside our house. They need a bit of swell to work and luckily we were blessed with some nice groundswells hitting the coast. But it wouldn´t be a proper surftrip without exploring and cruising around. So we head north and surfed some deserted beaches one Ria further up.

The westcoast of Galicia is frayed by the Rias Baixas, four estuarine inlets. They are beautiful, both with low and hightight, however they make travelling around the region a bit more tricky. But yeah, it´s so worth it. How about a lonely surf? Here we go!

Surfing and training using a recovery plan

During the two weeks the surfcrew did not only surf. The also learned a lot. About the ocean, waves, breathing and breathhold techniques, and most important, about themselves. For the first time we introduced a recovery plan, which had to be filled in twice a day. The idea behind the recovery plan is to monitor the individual performances and relate them to external factors such as sleep quality, outside stress, water intake and training intensity etc.

Even though the team had to get used to constantly monitoring themselves, the outcome of the recovery plan was kind of mind blowing. Some found out, that stress in their personal life highly influences the surfing performance. Other experienced that a poor sleep and too little water intake resulted in a performance crash.

Being aware of all the different factors leading to our surfing performance can immensely improve our surfing. Being aware is the first step to change something, and knowing what exactly to change is worth a lot.

Here is what NOMB Surfer Annette thinks about the recovery plan:

The recovery plan made me aware of a lot of things . My water intake for example. All throughout the day I kept reminding myself of drinking more water, so I´d be able to write down a high enough number at night. This way avoiding to worry about dehydration headaches.

I used the recovery plan for a duration of four weeks, and found it very interesting to observe myself and my performance. Seeing my personal stress level decline and my fitness level increase, that was amazing. I was able to understand my improved surfing performance and enjoy it.

Intensive surfcamp #2: GALICIADDICT

After two weeks, unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Tobi and Milena, as they were heading home. Surfergirl Annette, maybe motivated by her outstanding surfing success, had already decided to stay for the second camp.

Former camp chef Miri, who treated us to delicious (and mostly plant based) meals during #Galiciando, simply couldn´t leave us and converted into a surfteam member.

She was replaced in the kitchen by baking queen Ray, who pampered us with all sorts of tasty food during the next week.

Completing the second surfteam was our favourite longboarder Casper, who drove all the way from the Netherlands in just two (!!) days. What a team!

Seven days of surfing and other cool surf related stuff

During the next week we surfed till our arms were hurting. Again, we were rewarded with waves right at our doorstep. The beach outside our house is more than 1km long and offers different peaks. From mellow and clean longboard waves to steep shorebreak waves, and also a crazy but fun backwash peak. No wonder our surf sessions got longer and longer.

We rounded up the week with interesting surf related theory sessions ( a spot analysis of Pipeline for example),drysurf, more carver action, surf fitness sessions and the obligatory video analysis. Last but not least a deep stretch recovery session via Zoom with fitness guru Kati from LesanoFV.

Curious about what our beach looks like, and what Schabernack the surfteam got up to? Than why not check the photo gallery on our Facebook page?

Goodbye Galicia, we love you

After a month surfing in Galicia it is finally time to say goodbye. To Ramon, Josh, to our homebase house, to the neighbours and even our favourite waiter in the ´Abierto todo el año´ restaurant in front of our most surfed wave this year. Another fun month goes down in history.

Unfortunately we also had to say goodbye to our incredible surfteam. That was the hardest part as they are like a family after all. Following a few words by surfcoach & trip organizer Angie:

Thank you all so much for surfing with me in Galicia during these tricky times. I am beyond grateful for the trust you had in me and my work.

The past year has been difficult for a small business like mine, a lot of things I organized and wasn´t able to do in the end.

Taking the risk to go ahead with these past two surftrips has been rewarded with seeing all of you guys smile and totally shred in the water. Thanks for being my motivation to follow my path, and never give up.

Sea you in the water soon!

Love Angie

PS: we will be back in Galicia in May next year. Introducing a new and improved surftrip format. Stay tuned to our news and sign up early enough, to not miss one of the only few spots available to join us for our 5th year anniversary trip!

#Tripnotes GALICIAN GALAXY: living the dream..

#Tripnotes GALICIAN GALAXY: living the dream..

.. was the slogan of this year´s 14 days intensive surfcamp in Galicia. Four motivated NOMB Surfers arrived eager to surf and to improve their surfing here in the Northwest of Spain.

The local surfbreak, only 500m walking distance from our homebase, welcomed the surfteam with small but glassy waves. Perfect conditions to boost the take-off and timing skills. Galicia presented itself in it´s most beautiful way: sunshine, no wind and roughly 30degrees. Perfect weather to shred some waves and chill on the beach afterwards. What a brilliant start to #GalicianGalaxy, so much glaaaass..



After a couple of days finetuning the take-off timing and the pop-up the NOMB surfteam set off to use their newly perfected skills in a bit more powerful conditions. A beautiful beachbreak with noone else in the water. The waves were more challenging than the first beach as the ocean floor here was a bit steeper, producing still small but a lot more powerful waves.

Here the NOMB Surfers realized that positioning in the wave and reading the wave are crutial. Through video analysis and extensive surftheory surf headcoach Angie made sure that every single one of the NOMB Surfers understood the dynamic of the wave and developed the ability to read it, too.

But being able to read the wave is not everything. The reaction of what you see is even more important. Reaction drills under stress in the water (change directions, go, go, go… ) during the next sessions were hard in the beginning but the surfteam did fantastic and the results were clearly visible: a highly increased wavecount, less wipeouts during take-off and great positioning in the waves. Check out one of the beauties that was surfed on that day. NOMB Surfer Reto showing off with this bottom turn.


NOMB Surfer Reto working on his bottom turns


The next days were filled with double surfsessions and also a lot of surftheory. That doesn´t mean just sitting around listening to some presentation but involves a lot of differnet exercises. Twice the NOMB Surfers set out with surf skateboards to finetune their skills. During the first session they worked on overall positioning on the board, on flow and flexibility. The second session involved shifting weight on the skateboard, especially the backfoot, getting more sensible towards the reaction of the board: the first step to really learn how to turn your surfboard.

The surfteam also learned a lot of the ocean environment and understood how important it is to be aware of the constant changes in the water. Group exercises helped to deepen this understanding. Daily forecast updates and discussions about the same are always part of our dinner routine. Have you ever fallen asleep dreaming of tomorrow´s forecast?



Two weeks of daily double surf sessions physically challenge your body, even if you are a trained surfers. Our slightly crazy campchef Lindis made sure that all the batteries were recharged properly. Powerbreakfast included loads of proteins, carbs and sometimes even a traditional Swiss roesti. Yummy. Dinnertime, watching the sun set over the close by ocean, was a highlight and everyone enjoyed Lindi´s healthy and super nutritious meals. Thanks for joining us on yet another surftrip, Lovely Lindis!!

The 14 days went really quick and once in a sudden it was time to sit down for a final feedback. Headcoach Angie was more than happy with all the achievements, set goals were met and even exceeded. You don´t believe it? Check out the pics of the trip on our Facebook page, get hyped with the waves we surfed and the funny moments that made #GalicianGalaxy another unforgettable surftrip. That´s the dreamteam of this intensive surfcamp in Galicia.


NOMB Surfers and local surfguides on #GalicianGalaxy


Thanks for surfing with us A.K., Fabi, Reto and Romi. You guys really rocked the waves!! Muchas gracias goes out to Ramonski and the surfing Panda, our local surfguides, for bringing us to the best spots and joining our Schabernack. Thanks to head surfcoach Angie for coaching her brains out, what an epic trip. Simply #livingthedream 😉

Next years intensive surfcamp here in Galicia is already in the making, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Instagram and be the first one to know dates and details. 


Hope to sea you soon in the water!




NOMB Surf Destination: Galicia

NOMB Surf Destination: Galicia

Great waves and amazing people

Spain is famous for a lot of things: sunshine, flamenco, tapas and a great way of living. For us Surfers, thinking about Spain we automatically think about amazing waves like Mundaka, Zarrautz and Salinas. But Galicia?? Ok, aybe even Canos de Mecca and Tarifa in Andalusia. Although Tarifa is a bit off the surfradar for us who don’t kite- or windsurf as a backup sport. Did you know that Tarifa is known as the most windy point in Europe? Making it a mecca for all the windsport fans.

But back to Surfing. So there is the Basque County, boardering the South of France. That whole area along the bay of Biscaya is famous for it’s waves. Why is that are you thinking? Well, have a look at the topography of the ocean floor and you will discover a deep underwater canyon. What does that have to do with great waves? The answer is: everything! If the swell energy can travel through deep water until really close to the coast high intensity breaking waves are being produced! But let’s not get caught in surf theory at this point..

Back to Surfing, and back to Galicia. So where exactly is Galicia? Is that not that place where Asterix&Obelix hang out? Right. Galicia is located on the most northwestern tip of Spain. And that’s where it get’s interesting. Galicia’s has a long stretch of coastline open to the North and also a fair stretch of rugged coastline on the westcoast. Northcoast and westcoast?? Picking up swells from all possible directions?? Now that we have your attention let’s have a closer look.


Galicia is located in the Northwest of Spain


There are a couple of famous waves in Galicia, Pantin being the most known one with the Pantin Classic surfcompetition held every year. Most of the surfspots are found on the northcoast, centered around the city of A Coruna. There is a shriving surfcommunity in Galicia, loads of surfers from the third largest city head to to the breaks close by and show off with their skilss. However, they are still a friendly lot and as long as you, as a travelling surfer, stick to the rules and pecking order in the lineup you are welcome to share their waves.

So we’ve got waves all over the place but what else makes Galicia such a beautiful surfdestination? How about:

  • a breathtaking coastline
  • sunshine (believe it!!)
  • still some uncrowded spots
  • free camping
  • not too chilly water temperature (4.3mm wetsuit works fine)
  • great local whitewine (Albarino)
  • super friendly people
  • great seafood
  • cheap breakfast (€1.20 for a coffee, orange juice and little snack)
  • short distances between surfbreaks
  • ohhh, and did we mention waves??


You see, Galicia truly is a surftrip heaven. But pssss, don’t tell anyone 😉 Still not sure if you want to join us on one of our next surfcoaching trips to Galicia? Well, we throw in a little countryside teaser as well..


Waling in the region of las Rias Baixas


Amazing, no?? Now that you are convinced that Galicia will be your next surfing destination let´s have a look at the upcoming NOMB Surfcoaching trips. And yeah, we are suuuper happy to announce that we will be running TWO trips in Galicia next year:


GALICIAN GALAXY , run in May 2019, is a 14days intensive surfcamp. That’s nothing for the faint hearted, all we do is surf, surf and surf. Daily surfcoaching will make sure that your surfing skills go through the roof.

GLITZY GALICIA, run in June 2019, is a 7 day surfholiday. We still surf (and coach) every day but you will also have loads of time to relax and/or explore beautiful Galicia.


Both of the above trips are designed to make you improve your surfing, one being more intense than the other. The crew on both trips is the same: Surf headcoach Angie, campchef Lovely Linda, security dog Rainbow and our local surfguides Ramon&Josh.

Surfspaces are filling up quickly, the first ones are gone already. If you don’t want to miss out on a crazy time surfing in Galicia get in touch asap and secure your surfspot.


Sea you soon in Galicia,



#Tripnotes Groove on Galicia: Ohhh my god…

#Tripnotes Groove on Galicia: Ohhh my god…

…. there are waves!!!! And sooo many of them!! In all shapes and sizes!!


That´s how lucky our NOMB Surfcrew was on our recent surfcoaching trip to Galicia. Everything from small & glassy to big & powerful.  14 days of surfing, double session most of the days  = looooads of waves for everyone.

Head surfcoach Angie and local guides Ramon (aka the surfing pirat) and Josh (aka KungFuPanda) picked a certain beach every day, depending on the conditions and on what the headcoach had in mind for the group. At the beginning of the trip Angie sat down with every NOMB Surfer and identified specific reachable goals on what to improve. The Atlantic Ocean presented itself with beautiful small but glassy conditions. Perfect to work on the timing and gliding in the wave.

Check out campchef Lovely Lindis enjoying a sneaky righthander.. Small but beautiful! (don´t ask about the beanie..)

Speaking of Campchef Lindis. She made sure that after all the surfing the NOMB Surfers recharged their batteries. Lindis spoilt the crew with power breakfasts, including fresh juices and smoothies, Swiss style Roestis, eggs, pancakes and other fresh goodies. Important to mention is the tasty Galician ´tit-cheese´, the base of our breakfasts. No joke, it´s really called like this. It´s like a giant Babybell in form of a female breast. So jummy!

Dinners were super tasty, too. Loads of beans (proteins), salads, pasta, meat, risotto, fresh fish, Barbecue… Just to name some of the delicious dishes Lindies prepared. Not to forget the deserts. The desert highlight was definately the chocolate mouse. Like spooning chocolate. What a treat!

One night the NOMB Surfcrew got all dressed up and set out for a dinner in nearby O Grove. They found a sweet little restaurant located right on the Ria (one of the inlets that divide Galicia into different parts) and enjoyed a fantastic meal of fresh seafood, loads of tapas and a suuper delicious desert. Big smiles all over the surfed out faces!!

Surfed out you think?? Yeah, this NOMB Surfcoaching Trip was even more about surfing then usually. Groove On Galicia was run as a 14 days intensive surfcamp. Most of the days the crew surfed twice. Plus surftheory and photo analysis to back it all up. The results of the group were incredible. More than once surfcoach Angie found herself screaming in pure excited on the beach when seeing her students advance to the next level.

Dedication, concentration and fun are the most important factors if you want to improve your surfing. Angie made sure that the motivational levels stayed up. Frustration sometimes is hard to handle when expectations are too high. That´s why the group was briefed to enter each surf session with low expectations. And it worked!!

After soo much surfing a layday was decided, to relax body&mind. Well, the relaxing layday didn´t really work out like planned. With half the group joining Angie for an early bird surf session 😉 Turned out to be the right decicion, After a late breakfast the crew set out to explore a bit of Galicia. NOMB Surfer Casper found a great route called the ´Route of the water and stones´, following a little creek up through some lush forests. It was a beautiful hike that ended at a chapel, where the crew rested and found out that they had walked part of the Way of St. James. A little bonus to this beautiful walk. The NOMB Surfcrew wouldn´t be the NOMB Surfcrew if there hadn´t been a little big of daily ´Schabernacking´.. hihihi.. Check out Lindis, Christine and Angie trying to jump over this old statute. Hands up who think they made it??

Back to the ocean. During the 14 days the crew surfed different spots. Starting small to optimize technique and timing, then growing in wavesize to gain more confidence. The local guides Ramon&Josh made sure to bring the group to the best spots with the best conditions. Often the break just around the corner was great to surf, sometimes the crew travelled further up the coast and spend the day surfing and chilling one Ria more north.

When conditions looked great for nearby Portugal the NOMB Surfers were ready to get up early and make the drive south. They were greeted with challenging waves, and a little rain and wind. No problem at all for the crew, motivation levels were high and everyone accepted the challenge. And we are talking close-out bomb.. That´s how NOMB Surfer Annette ended up with the nickname Annette-Bombette, woohoo!

That´s surfing. Sometimes you need to touch your limits, and cross them, in order to improve. And the whole group did great, everyone made it into the line-up and caught waves. NOMB Surfer Christine, who started surfing at that same beach, left the water impressed with herself and her new surfing skills. Well done, Christine!

The second session was a little less challenging, even though it involved a lot of paddling. That´s the NOMB Surfers in Portuguese waters!

Groove On Galicia 2018 has been a total success!!

Thanks to the great group of NOMB Surfers. It´s amazing to see how surfing brings together amazing people from every corner of the world. Thanks for joining us: Annette, Casper, Christine, Dani, Thomas and Ross! You guys rock!!

Big thanks as well to our local guys from Ocean Squad Surfacademy, can´t wait to share more waves and Schabernack with you next year!!

Last but not least a big Merci to campchef Lindis! Not only for her cooking adventures but also for her crazy spirit! Hope to have you on more NOMB Surftrips in the future!

Have a great summer, past and future NOMB Surfers, go out & explore and find yourself your own little gem (like NOMB Surfer Dani in this pic).

Stay tunes to the NOMB Surfnews (best sign up for our newsletter), there are big news on the horizon. Woohoo!


Sea you in the water soon!

Your NOMB Surfteam


PS: Wanna see more pics of this fantastic trip? Head to our Facebook page and enjoy!



Next Trip: Groove on Galicia, May 2018!

Next Trip: Groove on Galicia, May 2018!

Get your groove on in Galicia!! Yeaah!! That´s the motto of our next Surfcoaching Trip. Not long to go and the NOMB Surfcrew will rock the Spanish Northwestcoast.

Some details wanted about our 2 weeks surftrip??

Timeframe: 19/05 – 02/06/2018  Surfspaces still available: 4 of 6  Surflevel: advanced beginner – advanced intermediate

What´s included in the first ever NOMB Intensive Surfcamp! Here we go:

  • daily professional surfcoaching
  • daily guided freesurf session (if your arms still work)
  • shared accommodation (twin or double room) in a great house walking distance from our homebreak
  • superb power breakfast & crazy tasty dinner cooked by NOMB Surfchef Linda
  • transport from/to meeting point in Santiago de Compostella
  • all transport to the surfspots
  • yoga sessions to stretch your battered muscles


  • a lot of surftheory to get your mind into ocean mode
  • the best local surfguides
  • rest days which you can either use to simply chill or explore Galicia
  • surf equipment if needed
  • 3 months NOMB Surffitness Preparation Program
  • NOMB Surf goodies bag
  • looooads of waves and even more laughters! Plus new friends and unforgettable memories!!


So how does it work, a NOMB Surfcoaching Trip? Well, it´s really easy to be honest. Sign up for one and book your travel ticket to be at the meeting point in time. Everything else will be organized for you.

All YOU need to do on a NOMB Surftrip is surf, surf, surf, and have a hell of a time!

A NOMB Surfday starts with a power breakfast during which the group is getting briefed on the conditions and program of the day. During the day we surf, learn about surfing and the ocean, analyse your surfing through video&photo analysis, surf a little bit more and then finish the day with a freshly cooked delicious dinner. A glass of local wine or an icecold beer, watching some stars, going asleep.

Only to wake up and do it all over again!..


You see, there´s a lot of surfing involved. Isn´t that great?? We here at NOMB Surf are suuuper excited to start our first ever 14 days intensive surfcamp! If that´s no reason to celebrate!! That´s why we throw in a NOMB Surf goodie bag for every surfer that joins us on this fantastic surftrip to northern Spain.

Hooked on the idea of surfing heaps for a couple of weeks?? Good news is that there are still a few surfspaces available. Bad news is that they book up really quickly. So get in touch asap and secure your surfspace.

More info about ´Groove On Galicia´ can be found here! We are counting the days!


Sign up to our newsletter & stay tuned for more crazy info to be released!

Sea you in the water soon!

Your NOMB Surfteam


Surffitness – a fancy word but how does it work?

Surffitness – a fancy word but how does it work?

Being a landlocked surfer sucks! No waking up to the sound of the ocean. No sunset surf session in bright colors. No finding of your balance by staring at the horizon. But hey, the next surfholiday is not too far away.

So you have booked your tickets, tried on your wetsuit at home (just to make sure it still fits) and just for fun tried a few take-offs to get into the mood. And once in a sudden you realize that your fitness & strength levels are round about zero. So you start thinking about the muscles pain from your last surftrip, and the missing endurance to spend more than 1 1/2hrs per day out in the ocean. Surffitness, that´s the key you think. You run into your local gym and they offer Drysurf classes and all that fancy stuff. You sign yourself into some quite expensive courses, to only realize that the whole so called surffitness hasn´t got much to do with surfing at all. So you start checking the internet. And you find looooooads of information. But where to start??

Let us help you with a little guide through surffitness. Look at NOMB Surf, N-ature O-cean M-mind B-body. The 4 pillars that make you live and surf in balance and to your full potential. Nature and ocean are out of your reach while being landlocked, but your body and mind are there, 24/7. And are ready to be prepared?

Our mind is often overlooked. Personal issues and stress at work are part of everyone´s life. But are you actually doing anything to change those negative energies around you? You don´t like your job? Well, change it. You are not happy in your relationship? Well, change it. It´s easy said but it´s also easy done. Isn´t life about being happy? Once you try to get to the roots of your troubled mind, you might find out that solutions for everything are out there, and that noone apart from you can make decisions for you. How do they say? Free your mind, and the rest will follow 😉

Preparing your body is a little bit more tricky. But not impossible. Allow yourself at least 12 weeks to get back into shape. So where to start? Let´s devide your body preparation into three main parts:

 1. Aerobic training (swimming and running)

2. Basic mobility & flexibility exercises

3. Basic strength (core & plyometric) workouts

Now that you know what you are looking for the information available online is a lot more clearer. Swimming and running programs are openly available. Or sign into a couple of classes with a professional swimming or running instructor and get some advice.

Basic mobility and flexibility exercises can be found for free on Youtube and you can make them part of your watching TV routine.

To improve your strength, especially in the core area, scan the internet for surfstrength exercises. Surfstrengthcoach Cris Mills offers some really great exercises. You can either buy his complete training program or take advantage of his Youtube channel. Plyometric doesn´t mean much to you? It basically means you want your muscles to exert maximum power in very short intervals of time, a take-off for example. Best way to prepare your take-offs? A take-off straight out of a push-up. Check out plyometric expert Dani showing you how to do it:

Our NOMB Surftrips are designed for your to boost your surfing. The most efficient surfcoaching trips we offer are our intensive surfcamps and adventure surftrips. Included in the trippackage of those two is a 3 months fitness preparation programm. That´s right! Not only do we coach and guide you during the trip, we also give you a structured fitnessplan to prepare. And guess what? Right, after the trip you will receive your own detailed feedback about the achievements during the trip, plus extra excercises to improve back home.

Sounds good to you?? Then do not hesitate but sign in for our next surftip ´Groove On Galicia´, a 14 days intensive surfcamp to the Northwest coast of Spain.

Good luck with your surffitness, sea you in the water soon.

Your NOMB Surfteam