Confidence Boost Surf Retreat for Women
25.09. – 05.10.2021

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NOMB Surf Team

Our Family all around the globe

NOMB Surf Team

Meet the Family

While NOMB Surf itself are Angie and Rainbow, we are a whole family around the globe. On our trips, we always bring an additional crew taking care of your well-being through food, hospitality, fitness, yoga – you name it. We also always collaborate with local surf schools, on our evergreen trips it’s the same ones every year that we love and trust.

Our Core Team

Angie Ringleb

Founder & Surfcoach

Fuerteventura, Spain

NOMB Surf wouldn’t exist without her. Angie is the head behind it all. She is also an ISA level II qualified surfcoach, a certified surf judge, a qualified lifesaver and has loads of years of coaching experience. Angie and NOMB Surf have their homebase on Fuerteventura, where she coaches individual surfcoaching and from where she heads off to meet you for the various NOMB Trips.

Surferdog Rainbow


Wavespotter & Security

Fuerteventura, Spain

Surferdog Rainbow has been part of the family from day 1 (and before). She loves joining Angie on her surfcoaching adventures, because it normally means cuddles, treats, a lot of super cool people and exploring new areas. Mostly treats though.

Team on the Trips

Our Lovely Companions

Linda Schenker

Linda Schenker

Chef | Yoga Instructor | Surf Instructor


A.K.A. Lovely Lindis.

Look at all these talents! No wonder that we love having Linda around. Even though it might also be because of her great company, hilarious or deep conversations (nothing in between) and her beautiful soul. She’s a constant member of the Galicia Trips and sometimes joins in on other ones, too.

Bastian Peters

Chef & BBQ King

Fuerteventura, Spain

A.K.A. Basti.

When you surf with us in Fuerteventura, chances are high you will meet Basti in the water: He will be the one dude on the Longboard, looking like a tree. He often joins us on trips to the UK & Ireland to spoil us with his cooking – which always makes us feel at home no matter where we are.


Sharon Minkewich

Yoga Instructor


Our Yoga Goddess.

For Sharon, surfing and yoga go hand in hand as both help you find the balance of your mind, body and soul. She has been joining us on our trips to Chile and makes an online appearance on our social media channels every now and then to help you implement (surf related) yoga into your daily life.

Christian Sidler

Christian Sidler

Health & Motion Coach


A.K.A. Ghreghu.

White lips, pale face,
Breathing in ocenwaves,
Burnt skin, salty taste,
Light’s gone, day’s end
out of the water he went,
Long rides, happy man.

Almost, but not quite Ed Sheeran.

Partners on the Trip

Our Family Worldwide

Lee Wood

Narosa Life Surfschool


Owner | Surfcoach

A.K.A. Good Old Lee, formerly known as Lee-gend.

Surfcoach ISA Level 2.

That’s his face when the swell hits big close to his home in D-Land, Ireland. He’s a ripper in the water, always up for a joke and a laugh, and a really nice guy!

Ramon Alvarez

Ramon Alvarez

Ocean Squad Surf Academy

Galicia, Spain

Owner | Surf Instructor

A.K.A. Ramonski, Ramonetta or La Pirata.

Him and Josh are our family in Galicia and one of the main reasons why we normally stay a couple of weeks longer than the actual camps last. His welcoming guesthouse is our base in Galicia.
Ramon knows the west coast in Spain and North Portugal like the back of his hand and always finds the best waves for the day.

Josh Filgueiras

Josh Filgueiras

Ocean Squad Surf Academy

Galicia, Spain

Owner | Surf Instructor

A.K.A. Joshinski or Joshiño.

Don’t mess with Josh. He’s the king of jabber and definitely one of the reasons our surfdays in Galicia are filled with laughter. 

He’s also a great surf instructor who knows when to switch from fun to empathy and seriousness. He is also the one taking fantastic videos and photos during the trip.